Sunday, March 19, 2017

Snowed In

For us New Englanders, March is not the beginning of spring but merely the continuation of winter.  There's a downside to those unseasonably warm days we had back in February.  It was so nice to be able to feel that warmth but it made it that much more difficult to return to freezing cold temperatures.  Last week, we had a little storm blow through and then earlier this week, a much bigger storm hit but due to a shift in the rain/snow line, the precipitation in our area turned to freezing rain and washed away half of the snow.  We're supposed to see more snow this weekend but apparently how much is still up in the area.

So, yes, I agree.  Winter storms, newly fallen snow - it's all beautiful while it lasts. (But we can't wait for beach weather!)

I began writing this on Thursday.  That night, Allie became ill.  Flu-like symptoms.  Fever.  She's better now.  Still not 100%.  Coughing tonight and her inhaler has expired. There's nothing in it anyway.  We'll have to request a new one tomorrow.  I was awake half the night Thursday and I still feel exhausted.  Slightly fog-brained.  A lot on my plate which seems absurd for me to say because I'm not working.  I hung out with Allie on Friday watching cooking shows and HGTV (per her request), too tired to do much else.  Eh, laundry and tax returns can wait.

This school year has been fairly healthy for the girls.  There were a few very minor colds until January, when one by one the stomach virus hit.  It was spreading like wildfire in the schools and mine didn't get it at the same time or close to each other, which leads me to believe they picked it up at school.  I was bleaching every possible contaminated surface at home.  A few weeks ago, Emily had a cold - not very bad.  And then Anna and Allie.  Allie had just gotten over hers when this virus hit.

I'm definitely feeling that winter grumpiness right now.  I think we all are.  When life becomes too routine, I start to feel caged in a bit as well.  Time to change things up.  








BreezieGirl said...

Glad she's starting to feel better! Hope rest of you are able to stay healthy!

It really is so pretty, but I'm quite glad I don't have to deal with the yucky parts of cold weather here in San Diego.

Unknown said...

Hey. It's okay to feel like there's a lot on your place while not working. Don't mom-shame yourself. Or self-shame, for that matter. Office job or not, I think it's safe to say you have a few things on your plate ;-).