Thursday, March 9, 2017

Kennebunkport, Maine

I've never been big on celebrating my birthday.  I typically don't ask for gifts or if there's something I'd had my eye on, I'll have Rich buy it and call it a birthday present.  The only positive to birthdays is the excuse to eat cake and ice cream.  For some reason, a month or so ago, I began to feel that need to travel somewhere.  Anyway.  Perhaps is was due to the upcoming vacation week that would be spent at home.  Regardless, Kennebunkport popped into my mind.  It's close enough for a weekend getaway and because my birthday fell a weekend this year, we could just call it a birthday celebration.  At first, I did look into bringing the girls with us.  I found a nice hotel that would be able to accommodate all five of us . . . but it was closed for the season.  Of course.  So this quickly became an adults only weekend away.

Funny story.  Rich and I stayed at a B&B in Kennebunkport years and years ago, well before kids.  I'm still somewhat hesitant to stay in another B&B because of that experience.  The owners were eccentric, guests on the first floor were kicked out for smoking (something) in their room and words were had, and then there was a little too much dog hair floating around breakfast.  It was so long ago, I can't remember the name of the B&B and when I looked online, I couldn't find it either.  

On short notice, most B&Bs and inns were fully booked but I found a room at the Kennebunkport Inn.  The inn is located right next to the shops and restaurants in Kennebunkport.  It was a quick two minute walk to Alisson's, where we ate a late lunch.  Which was super delicious, by the way.  The lobster was sooo tender.  Everyone we encountered who worked at the inn was incredibly nice.  Because we ate lunch so late, we really weren't hungry for a regular dinner so we shared some food at the pub in the inn.  It was quite tasty - fancy pub food, I'd call it.  In the mornings, there's a continental breakfast set up in the pub for guests.  We ate a snack before heading out to drive along the coast and breakfast at the Maine Diner.

The coastline up there is simply stunning and, as you can imagine, I have a ton of photos to share.  I need to break this out into two posts though.  So stay tuned . . . more to come.

Kennebunkport Inn




Petite Maine lobster roll with a mug of clam chowder

The Bush compound







BreezieGirl said...

I'm guessing your birthday was the week before mine. :) I've never made a big deal about my birthday either.

This place looks so beautiful and I'm always so in awe of your indoor shots. You capture those scenes just as spectacularly as your outdoor scenes. Is it your 50 or your wide angle that use tend to use for those inside scenes?

Tracey's Life said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! Your trip looks delightful and grownup only trips are nice too

Sarah said...

Bree - It's my new 35mm! LOVE IT. And happy birthday to you!!!

Thank you, Tracey! And yes, sometimes it's very nice to get away without the kids. Very relaxing.