Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I can remove myself from tax

But I can't remove tax from me.

I may be "retired" but right now I'm in the middle of Friends and Family Tax Season.  I'm typically not a procrastinator but I put this off for as long as possible.  When we sold our rental property earlier in 2016, I told myself I would figure out the gain and have the workpapers ready to go well in advance.  Never happened.  I did finish our returns yesterday though.  But I have plenty more to do.  Including going all the way back to the '80s to figure something out.  And now the house is a mess and I'm behind on laundry.

As I mentioned earlier in the school year, I'm volunteering as a photographer for the school's yearbook.  Because of the templates used to create the yearbook, I was asked to photograph the entire 4th grade in groups of two or three kids.  For these types of photos, communication is sent out to the teachers so they know when to expect us. It was agreed that we would take those photos this week, which now consists of a snow day and a half day.  I should mention that there are twelve 4th grade classrooms.  Twelve!  So the first class I went into, my Speedlight wouldn't fire.  I've never had that happen to me in all the years I've used it.  It was powered up but half of the settings on the screen weren't showing.  What the?  So I turned it off, bumped my ISO up to 1000 and I was fine without it.  Before I headed to the next classroom, I stopped at a table in the hallway to try to figure out what was wrong.  It turns out the camera hadn't registered that the flash was attached.  I took it off and popped it back on again, and it was fine.  Such a simple fix.

Friday night was the annual Father/Daughter Dance and I actually had time this year to do the girls' hair without running around like a maniac.






Their dresses are from OshKosh.  Perfect for spring and can be paired with a little jean jacket for cooler days.


BreezieGirl said...

Their dresses are so cute! Is Emily in blue?

Coordinating photos for 12 classrooms sounds daunting.

Sarah said...

Yup, Em in blue.

And I edit all the photos too!

Anonymous said...

Gilrs look lovely. I can never tell who is who.

BreezieGirl said...

Yay I got it right! :) And oh my goodness - so much editing! That is definitely my least favorite part.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I totally can't tell who is who.