Thursday, March 30, 2017

Baby, we were born to run

I sat down Monday afternoon to write a blog post and it just wasn't happening.  Some type of blogging block.  Similar to writer's block, I suppose.  I didn't even attempt it on Tuesday.  So here I am trying to write now.  I haven't been feeling 100% myself this week.  That could be partly to blame.  There's some sort of tiredness lurking below the surface and after several nights of not sleeping well, I slept like a log last night.  It's rare for me to sleep that heavy and of course, this morning, it was so difficult to get up.

The sun is finally out today after consecutive days of rain and overcast skies.  It's still too cold, in my opinion.  38 degrees right now.  The highest temperature on the 10 day forecast is 55.  We need the rain so no one wants to complain too much about it.  And now with snow forecast for tomorrow and/or Saturday, everyone's talking about the April Fool's Day blizzard of 1997.  I can't believe that was 20 years ago. (You know you're old when you make these statements because you were an adult 20 years ago and you remember the event and how it impacted your life.)  This storm, however, will not be a blizzard, but enough already.

Last week was one of those weeks where I wanted to toss clothes and shoes into suitcases, pack up the van and hit the road.  Somewhere warm and new, please.  With my family, of course.  I only want to escape the routine maintenance of life.  Personality type flaw.  When everything becomes routine, I start itching internally for a change.  

Somewhat random and unrelated - we tried zucchini noodles, or zoodles, this week for the first time and surprisingly, it was a hit.  I did cheat and bought them spiralized because there's nothing wrong with taking the easy route sometimes.  I sauteed chicken and then when the chicken was done, I sauteed the zoodles in the same pan (took the chicken out first though) with a splash of olive oil (for about 5 minutes.)  I kept it simple this time and sprinkled a little garlic salt over them after it was plated.  Two kids asked for seconds.

I finished all the tax returns I had been working on and my next big project is to organize my sewing area, which somehow became a disaster zone.  I've already spent 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there folding up fabric, and yeah, fabric hoarding is real.  I have a list of sewing projects I've been wanting to work on for months and months now but I can't even get in there and sew until it's cleaned up.  Speaking of cleaning, thanks to a little video I stumbled upon, I changed the way I fold the girls' clothes and it's been a total game changer.  I'll have to take a photo to share, otherwise it may not make sense, but it has saved me from having to reorganize drawers every time I put clothes away.  

Alright, I must go clean now.  Routine maintenance of life.


Amber Gregory said...

I also always itch to switch it up when my routine starts to bog me down. I can relate very much! After just 2 weeks of my routine I begin to blow it up piece by piece if I can, because I start to go crazy!

Nancy G. said...

If it's the Kon-Mari method, I'm a big fan. Folding shirts so they stand up in the drawer makes it so much easier to see and choose what you want to wear. Check out how she folds socks!