Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Three of everything

When the girls were much younger, I used to buy three of the exact same outfit when I shopped for them because it was easy.  If there was an easy way, I took it.  Sometimes I would find three items in different colors or three coordinating outfits but then it would feel like someone was not dressed in the cutest outfit of the ones that coordinated, or someone wasn't in the prettiest color and she must not be my favorite.  Okay, people.  There are no favorites!  The girls would usually started their day in matching outfits and then someone spit up or dump food on themselves and that would be over with.  I have to say too that when you are out and about with three little, little ones and they are dressed the same, it makes your life so much easier.

[Side note: Why are there so many discussions/comments over whether or not twins/triplets should wear identical outfits but no one cares about the families with kids of different ages dressed in exact identical outfits?  I never understood that.]

For the most part, I don't buy three of the same anymore.  I do here and there if I see something I know all three will like (and fight over) or if there's a sale that's too good to pass up.  It seems like more often than not, the girls are not with me when I'm shopping for them.  I wanted to check out a few stores at the outlet mall this weekend and no one wanted to go with me.  The girls have a few jean jackets that they like to layer over outfits in the winter and wear as jackets in the spring/fall.  Those jackets are tiny now but they still fit - sizes 5 and 6. (They are almost 10 years old!)  I wanted to size up to 7/8 for the upcoming spring.  "We'll like whatever you get us."

Anna likes to dress out of her sisters' closets and it drives them insane.  There are a variety of excuses as to why she does so but none of them add up.  (Personally, I think she just likes to push their buttons.)

I walked into Emily's room the other day to find a note on her bureau.



I know, I know.  Wait until they're teenagers. 

So who gets what when I shop?  I usually show them what I bought and they haggle with each other.  Sometimes it's civilized, sometimes not.


Katie said...

Sarah, I've enjoyed reading your blog for years now. I have 5 and a half year old triplet daughters and a two year old son. I agree, it's funny how opinionated people are over how the girls are dressed, yet their only comments to siblings that aren't multiples are something like "how sweet!" ??

I've always stayed home with the kids, and my husband's schedule has been such that I've pretty much always taken all the kids with me everywhere, so they have been with me many times when I've shopped for them. Generally they're very easy to shop for though- they like what I choose and are pretty matter of fact about things like budget constraints (if they're asking for clothes beyond our ability). Sometimes they like to match and other times they want to do their own thing. It doesn't matter to me (except I'll have them match on purpose sometimes if we're likely to be in a huge crowd of kids). It's always amazing to me how much clothing is required for three girls though. I buy clothes every spring and every fall so you'd think I'd be used to it, but it still surprises me every time.

Anonymous said...

Where do you shop the most for them? I've found that my 8 yr old doesn't like stuff from places like Gymboree much. Justice? Osh Kosh? I seem to be out of ideas. Thx!

Colleen said...

My grandpa was a twin, and he was dressed identically to his brother every day of his life for way too long. His hatred of it stuck with me and I have strong feelings about not matching siblings of the same age and siblings of different ages in the same family. A lot of people think it's weird that I have such strong feelings against matching outfits, and my MIL is absolutely horrified by this.

Sarah said...

Katie - Dressing 3 girls is tough!

Anon - They are still ok with some stuff from Gymboree but I think next year may be the end of that. We like Osh Kosh too. I try to only do Justice for gifts. I haven't really bought much since school started - we picked up a lot of stuff at Target in the fall. Cat and Jack. The leggings have held up and they had some cute tops, etc. They still wear homemade skirts too.

Colleen - I completely agree that forced matched dressing is not cool.

The girls said...

Dressing girls is quite the feat, isn't it?! My girl is 7.5 and still wears a 4. It drives her crazy that she wants the 'older-looking' clothes, but she isn't big enough to shop in those sections/stores.

My second is 2.5, wears 12-18 month, and just keeps falling behind size-wise. The third though? Right on par with where he's supposed to be in clothes. Weird.

And I do not dress them alike; I think that's just odd.

Janet Pittsenbarger said...

I like your comments about why such controversy over identical dress. It must be that parents of identicals are so worried about the kids growing up as "individuals", which equally annoys me! They are individuals because they are separate human beings, whether you dress them a like or not they are different people with different tastes and personalities! From day one my kids have been their own persons.