Friday, February 17, 2017

Life Lately (with snow)

















We are up to two school "snow days" now.  The school calendar allots for five snow days and thankfully this winter hasn't been too bad but we still have to get through March.  In the past, some of our fiercest storms have happened in March.  I'll never forget that April Fool's Day blizzard I had to work through.  Tax Season must go on no matter what the weather!  Anyway, I sympathize with the school administration in having to make the call on whether or not to cancel or delay the start of school.  Either way, someone will not be happy with the decision.  If you don't cancel, there are complaints about the condition of the roadways.  If you do cancel, there are complaints that the roads were fine.  It's really about the safety of the kids who have to walk to school or wait at bus stops.  Unfortunately, the general consensus is that a bad call was made with this last storm.  Almost all the surrounding school systems were in the same boat on this one.  They canceled early in anticipation of additional accumulation and that didn't really happen.

For some reason, our street wasn't plowed during the last storm and it's been an absolute mess all week.  In the past, one of our neighbors pissed off a plow driver and we all had to suffer.  Not a smart move, buddy!  I'm overly cautious in dealing with them now.  Presumably the warmer weather this weekend will melt what's left because right now, it's like I'm driving on an unpaved road.

The end of the school day today marks the beginning of February vacation.  How is that possible?  This school year is just flying by.  Some of Rich's family are vacationing in Hawaii right now and it's simply killing me.  KILLING ME.  


kdliberty said...

The older I get the faster time FLIES. I can't believe it is älmost. I am not sure were the schools here are on snow days. We have A LOT OF days built in. The buses here drive on curvy back dirt roads. Complaints about cancelled days are almost due to them...

Kylie said...

Yeah, the last "storm" didn't amount to much but like you said, it's hard to know definitively what the best call is!
I recently moved from CT to Bristol Co, MA, and have just begun that dreaded Boston train commute that you often discussed! I commuted 1 hr 50 mins each way via public transport to NYC when I graduated college, so I have some familiarity with the perils of, I'm blessed enough to be able to work from home two days a week. But still...not too excited about it!