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The sun is setting later and later each day.  I'll take those few additional minutes as a reminder that we are headed towards spring.  New England may not feel it until the end of April, but it's coming.  Granted it has been a fairly mild winter thus far but I've noticed a difference being at home.  Removing that commute has made winter far more tolerable.  I found myself longing to run outside the other day, but it was still too chilly for me.  I'm looking forward to the return of outdoor activity.  Winters are always so difficult for me.  It's so dark and dreary and I feel like I'm always trying to escape the cold.

I'm still amazed at how quickly the days pass.  I thought by now, almost eight months into retirement, that it would have slowed down.  Not so much.  And when the girls arrive home from school, forget about it.  Time zooms by.  There are snacks and homework and dinner and clean-up and dance.  And then the day is over and a new one begins.
When I was working, I always had a bottle of lotion on my desk and I applied it to my hands and cuticles throughout the day.  Now that I'm home, I find myself washing my hands all the time - some of that's due to my additional time in the kitchen - and my hands are so incredibly dry because of it.  I've been making an effort with lotion but my cuticles looked like terrible.  Last week, I discovered this cuticle oil.  Serious game changer.  The girls love when I paint in on their cuticles - it smells really nice.

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