Monday, January 9, 2017

New year, new you

Two days before the new year, I had about eight inches of hair chopped off.  It wasn't what I had intended to do when I left the house and I'm sure the girls and Rich assumed I would return with shorter hair, but not this short.  Anna was comical, frozen with her mouth agape when I walked in the door.  She even commented that it was like she had a new mom.


And of course, Anna refused to be in this photo on New Year's Day because she was too tired and grumpy.  Her words, not mine.

(I would love to be in more photos with the girls this year but it's hard when you're the photographer.  And when you feel like you've aged 20 years in the past 10.)

I seem to have the same goals every year.  Be a better photographer, run more, read more books.  (I would add find more patience, but I know it will never happen.)  I want this year to be different.  Not having my mind constantly occupied with work has given me a new perspective on life.  It's too short, so I've come up with a few personal goals for the year.

1.  Take more risks

Leaving my job, essentially walking away from my career last year was a huge risk.  I know that sometimes in order to reach your dreams, you need to step out of that comfort zone and take some risks.  My main reason for leaving the corporate rat race wasn't to pursue a dream though, but to find an easier way of life for my family.  And I have to say that our lives our sooooo much easier now.  That being said, I know in the future I'll probably want to do something.  I've been working for over twenty years and business is in my blood at this point.

I'm pretty much at the point where I can say that I want to do something professional with photography and I use the word something because I haven't decided exactly what I'd like to do.  Almost everyone assumes I'll become a family/child photographer and maybe that's the path I'll take, but I'd like to explore other options.  Test the water, if you will.  I've been around enough to know that the market is over-saturated and it's not as simple as announcing on FB that you'll be doing mini-sessions in two weeks in the park. I may spend most of this year planning and exploring, and that's okay.  There's no rush.

2.  Stand up for myself

So, look, if you deliberately cut me line, I'm going to call you out.  However, when it comes to other situations, I tend to let too much go even when it bothers me.  An example is not demanding more at work because of politics and not wanting to deal with the accompanying bullshit and lies.  No more.  I agree that you have to pick and choose your life battles but you also should never let anyone walk all over you.

3.  Cut myself some slack

In October, I was so happy with my running progress.  I had finally built back up to being able to easily run three miles and I had been incorporating a fair amount of speed work as well.  And then I injured my left leg and probably didn't give it enough rest so I kept having to take time off from running because I was pushing it too far and then I came down with a two week cold at the beginning of December and running was all over with at that point.  I did start back up last week but I shouldn't feel so guilty when I'm not running.

I'm not perfect.  (No one is.)


Anonymous said...

Love the hair!


Kristin V said...

That haircut looks great on you!!

Teej said...

Wow, cute haircut! Makes me want to chop some of my heavy mane off...