Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Girls' Christmas Wish Lists

The girls have been slowly transitioning out of the TOYS, TOYS, TOYS phase.  Right now, they mainly play with dolls - dollhouses, Barbies and 18" dolls.  They typically prefer to play with the smaller dolls (Barbie and shorter) because it's easier for them to move around on the floor, etc. with smaller size dolls in hand.  When they play school, that's when the 18" dolls and stuffed animals come out and take over the house.

Last year, the girls received Kindle Fires and that seemed to have satisfied the need for electronics right now.  The Fires serve a dual purpose - book reading and games - and I'm fine with that.  Hey, I remember what it was like being the only kid who didn't have Atari.  

The girls actually don't have long lists this year and I like that.  I hate when the holidays become materialistic.

Here's a look at some of the items included on the girls' wish lists for this year:  

Pets - Allie has asked for a "real life breathing cat."  Rich commented that it's going to be a sad Christmas.  Emily's response to Allie's request was, "Cats are cute and everything but it would change my life."  I'm not completely opposed to a cat, but I'm not 100% on board either.  One of the big issues is that Rich is allergic and the girls appear to have some allergies as well.  That came out a few weeks ago when we were visiting family members who have cats.  (I know there are some breeds that work for people with allergies.)  We also plan to be on the move quite a bit this summer and it seems like that would be unfair to the cat.

Gift Cards - Justice (because I don't shop there), restaurants, Amazon, book stores.  They're not picky.

Books - The girls read anything and everything.  Because they can read above their grade level, it becomes a bit sticky at times trying to find books with age appropriate subjects.  I usually don't stress out with respect to what they are reading because if they don't understand something, they'll ask and if they are reading a book that's below what they can read, whatever.  They are reading.  Emily loved the Clementine books and still reads one from time to time.  They all enjoy the Dork Diaries series and devour new releases.      

Games - They've been playing Apples to Apples at school (indoor recess) and with friends so it made the list for this year.

Barbies - Our house doesn't need more Barbies but the girls do play with them so I'm not opposed to a few new ones here and there.  I really like this President/Vice President set.

Random - Swim caps, scented lotions, calendars.

A Family Experience - A new one for us but I know of a few families who do this.  The girls didn't have an experience on their lists but I asked if it would be okay if this was a present.  I described it as "going somewhere" and Allie said, "Like a trip to Hawaii but it won't be a trip to Hawaii."  That's right. But, oh, a trip to Hawaii!  So difficult from the East Coast.  So anyway, at first I was thinking of a theater/dinner night but we just went to the Nutcracker and we have tickets for a local play in January and I think they'd be theatered out if I added something like that.  Well, I know one kid who wouldn't be happy.  Rich and I are still tossing around a few ideas, but we're thinking about one night away.

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Tracey's Life said...

I love that your girls have kept a simple list. Great job parenting. What about a trip to a Great Wolf Lodge? I have never been, but I do know people who have. If you time it right, you actually get to have two days to use the indoor water park.

Emily Richmond said...

Obviously not sure of your girls' precise reading levels but have you tried the "All of a Kind Family" series? It's about five sisters growing up in New York's Lower East Side in the early 1900s.

Anonymous said...

I can throw out some titles from when I was that age (3rd/4th grade). I read the entire Little House on the Prarie, Anne of Green Gables,and Little Women series, all of which follow strong girls from childhood to adulthood and motherhood but in remarkably PG ways. I was really into historical fiction, and some of these classics were a good stepping stone from juvenile to adult lit. Then in the second half of fourth grade I read almost nonstop baby-sitters club, well beneath my reading level. So I identify very strongly with your girls on this topic!

Sarah said...

Indoor water park is on our maybe list. There are a few here in Mass.

I'll have to check out All of a Kind Family - thank you for the suggestion.

We have all the LIttle House books and versions of Anne of Green Gables and Little Women - they do baby-sitters club too! even though it's super easy.

Tammie Van Kampen said...

I just did an escape room with my 9 year old daughter. It was something really different and a complete blast. Check it out if you have one near you.