Sunday, December 18, 2016

Some Christmassy stuff

I still haven't finished Christmas shopping.  It's not a matter of time but more an issue of not knowing what to buy, so I procrastinate.  Rich and I did just book our family experience.  Finally.  I'm glad that's been taken care of.


We, unfortunately, waited until the second weekend in December to look for our tree.  The tree farm that we visited didn't have many cut-it-yourself trees but they never do.  In the past, we've purchased a freshly cut tree from their farm in Western Mass.  Surprisingly, they only had a few of those trees left and they looked too round for our space, which is basically in a doorway between the family room and the front hall.  We opted to stop at a Boy Scouts lot on our way home and ran into slim pickings there as well.  Our tree is slightly Charlie Brownish and normally I wouldn't mind except that the bottom is crooked so it fell over twice, smashing ornaments the second time.  We now have a hand weight on the stand and the tree is secured to the curtain rod with fishing line.  Live and learn.


Accidental twins - they came downstairs wearing the same dress.  One wasn't very happy about it either.







This weekend we celebrated Christmas with Rich's side of the family.  Due to the size of his family, it would be close to impossible to comfortably fit everyone into one home, so they rent a hall and get together before (or sometimes right after) Christmas.  This also gives those who live out of state a chance to travel and visit with family here.  The girls had fun playing with their younger cousins.  They also enjoyed watching (and semi-participating) in the Yankee Swap.


The girls sort of want to go see Santa.  (They quickly figured out that the Santa at the party was their cousin's father-in-law.)  We tried tonight but it was a no go.  They know that it's someone (probably, most likely not the real Santa) dressed up but it's a tradition they're not ready to give up just yet. Every year, I realize that it may be our last.  They've also mentioned the Enchanted Village and lights at La Salette but they want to go before Christmas.  We usually reserve those activities for after Christmas because it won't be as crowded.  Less than a week left!  School and dance operate as usual this week so not much time for Christmas activities until Friday afternoon.

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