Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The season of change and My Sew Shoppe

Autumn, especially as we cruise through November, has that air of change.  A season of change.  And maybe not necessarily this year, but when I think back to shifts in my life, I always seem to focus on crisp air and crunchy leaves.  I guess I've been thinking quite a bit as of late.  Or over-thinking, as I tend to do.  I want to write a book.  I've wanted to for a long time and now I think I should even if it just sits on a thumb drive.  I actually have two books swimming around in my brain - one is fiction and would definitely be a time consuming effort even though I have the plot laid out and I sometimes write out chapters in my mind, and the other is nonfiction.  I've shared quite a bit over the years of my grief surrounding Abigail's death but I've never written out everything, and I want to do that in detail.  It's already been too long.


Right after Thanksgiving, I'm going to open a pop up shop here on my blog.  I'll have some new, ready to ship custom items along with some of the girls' Disney clothes that no longer fit.  Sewing has always been a great release of creative energy for me.  As soon as I finish up the Christmas dress I'm currently working on, there's a little cowgirl skirt I want to make.

Last week, I finally tackled a massive project - the playroom.  I feel that my procrastination was completely justified, by the way.  I dumped out every single bin and container, and organized until I wanted to cry.  There was some purging as well.  At one point, I said to Rich, "I applaud their creativity," and he added, "But you don't applaud their efforts to clean up."  Yeah, no.  The girls will set up Barbie families and homes but they don't ever clean them up so the playroom was basically Barbieville.  Thankfully, they agreed to "start fresh" with a clean room.  Well, they really didn't have a choice.  I found Squinkies and pompoms everywhere.  Squinkies are not used as Squinkies either.  They are stuffed animals for Barbies and other dolls or food, such as cupcakes.  Pompoms are also used as food or hidden under Barbie clothes for pregnant bellies.  See, creative.  Now that I'm here all day, every day nightly clean up is reinforced. (I do allow some sections of Barbieville to stay constructed.  I'm not that mean.)        

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DaddyBites said...

I love to purge. And trying hard now to keep stuff from coming IN the house in the first place. We put stuff out on the curb in a box and passersby are happy to pick through.