Sunday, September 18, 2016

{Disney} Hollywood Studios and an extremely delicious lunch

(Day 5)

Before we could leave our resort rooms for the day, we needed to pack up all of our suitcases and bags, and say good-bye to the Contemporary.  This was probably the one negative of our split stay.  Note that Disney does make it very easy for you to split stay.  Bell Services will come to your room, pick up your luggage and transport it for free (you just need to tip) to the next Disney resort.  After that was all said and done, we headed down to the bus stop.


Our bus experience was similar to that of the day before.  We didn't have to wait long and the bus was practically empty.


We kicked our day (or partial day) of fun with Tower of Terror.  Grammy sat that one out.  The girls enjoyed it, after all the screaming.  Anna commented how it felt like she had been flying.  We had just enough time to squeeze in a meet and greet with Olaf (new!) before our lunch reservations.


This was our first time dining at The Hollywood Brown Derby.  From my research online, including reviews, I was aware that guests should be dressed slightly on the nicer side with men wearing collared shirts, such as a polo shirt.  So I made Rich pack and wear a polo shirt with a real feel temperature of 106 and not one other male guest in that restaurant was wearing a collar.




The food here was outstanding.  I ordered the Cobb salad and it was one of the best Cobb salads I've ever eaten.  I went with the smaller appetizer size because I had planned to order dessert but then some people wanted dessert and some people wanted to wait for dessert so I didn't end up ordering dessert here.  But here's what they were offering. . .


We digested as we watched Indiana Jones.


And then it was time for the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster.  OMG.  We hadn't been on this ride before, mainly because the girls have always been too short.  Anna was just over the required height of 48 inches.  Rich and I first rode it with Emily and Anna.  Allie waited with Grammy and after her Expedition Everest experience, said she wasn't sure she wanted to go on this.  Well, she decided she didn't want to miss out so I rode it again with her.  I have to say that it's scarier the second time around knowing exactly what's coming your way. We ended our time at Hollywood Studios watching the Beauty and the Beast stage show.

Instead of walking to the Yacht Club, we rode the boat.  Swimming would have been a quicker option.  We checked into our rooms and headed over to the pools to swim and eat dinner.  The quick service restaurant located by the pool has decent dining options.



We spent a lot of time in the pool.  The girls loved the water slide.



adrian faulkner said...

I love your photos, do you only take a 35mm prime lens with you?? Im saving to take my two girls to WDW next year from the UK, at the moment i have a full frame camera with an 85mm and a 55mm prime, still saving for a 35mm prime lens, do you think that just prime lenses are ok for WDW??? As i don't like zoom lenses for my every day photography

BreezieGirl said...

Gorgeous photos as always!

I completely agree about Rock N Roller Coaster - knowing that zoom is coming fills me with butterflies! Such a fun ride though! Yacht Club looks gorgeous! What'd you think of the shows you saw? I really like Beauty and the Beast, but was a little underwhelmed by Indiana Jones.

Melanie said...

I love the Brown Derby. But, if it makes you feel any better, I don't think their desserts are all the special :-)

Sarah said...

Hi Adrian - I mainly shoot with prime lenses, so definitely do-able for Disney. You'll probably want something wider. I brought my 50mm and my 12-24mm for this trip. The 50mm was too tight for some shots - esp the kids with the characters. (I also shoot full frame)

We really like the Beauty & the Beast show - seen it a few times. I thought Indiana Jones was OK. Too much down time for my liking and the kids were confused.

Good to know about the desserts, Melanie! Now I don't feel so bad.

adrian faulkner said...

Thank you for your reply and the good advice, i will definitely look into a wider lens for our trip next year. Many thanks :)