Friday, July 29, 2016

Wrap up

One day I'll awaken to a quiet house, the kids all grown into adulthood.  Just like they grew into nine year olds.  The month of July has passed slowly, most days hot and humid.  I think back to our Michigan travels and it seems months, not mere weeks ago  I've already been plotting out next summer, planning adventures, which all sounds great in theory except for the fact that Rich actually has to work.

Do what you dream today before it's lost in the land of should haves.




(Completely faking.  This one needs to get into acting.)

I usually comment on differences between our home state and places we visit.  If you all think those of us in Massachusetts are fast drivers, you haven't been to Michigan.  Lots of speed there.  I did notice that at stoplights, all the drivers stop behind the stop line.  When I mentioned this to my uncle, he exclaimed, "Well, of course they do!"  See, here in Massachusetts, most roads weren't mapped out in advance.  They're very old with intersections at odd angles.  If you were to stop behind the stop line, you would never be able to see traffic on intersecting roads.  So while we do stop (well, I can't speak for everyone) at stop signs and red lights, those actual painted lines are ignored.    

Fireworks are illegal here in Massachusetts so the girls were able to try out sparklers (and poppers, or whatever you call them) for the first time.



(So, yeah, a month later, this wraps up Michigan.)


Christi said...

The Triboro Youtth Theatre is a great drama program if you are looking for one. My friends' girls have been in plays over the last few years. The productions are always good.

Sarah said...

That's good to know. Thanks!