Monday, June 6, 2016

Last Week: Photos and Happenings

Well, I officially said good-bye to this view.

It was a real good-bye too because both of those parking lots have been sold and I believe a mall is slated to be built there.  Twenty years ago, that area was known as "the mud lots."  The parking lots were unpaved and super cheap.  You probably can't see it in the photo but the shipwreck, or what's left of it, is on that flatbed truck.  It was kind of cool watching the extraction even though, from afar, it mostly resembled a pile of old wood.

Still small enough to cuddle.

Funny statements:

"Mommy, when you finish blowing drying yourself, I need to speak to you in private."

Me:  "Do some good conditioning." (after swimming, as they were preparing to shower)

Allie:  "Mumma, I'll do some good crunches tomorrow."

Me:  "I was talking about your hair!"

It sounds like I'm running a boot camp here.

There has been one benefit to our chilly spring - low mosquito count.  Some years, we've had swarms out in April.  I've only seen a handful of the little pests thus far but unfortunately, one bit Emily on the leg last week and it swelled up to the size of a saucer.  The girls have some sort of sensitivity to bug bites.  I held off as long as possible but we did have to give her Benadryl.  We live in an area that makes an effort to control mosquitoes so I was able to request a spraying.  It's nice being able to go outside as the sun is going down and enjoy the evening air.











In years past, I've found myself digging my heels in the ground in an attempt to prevent June from appearing on the calendar.  Abigail's death/birth is always such an emotional time for me.  May this year was so insane, it was almost completely overwhelming.  I had so much work to complete prior to my end date.  Combine that with Papaw's passing and Grammy injuring her knee, I wasn't sure I was going to make it.  I didn't even begin to clean out my desk and cabinets until the night before my last day.  Even on my last day, I was "working."  Everyone kept commenting on how they'd never seen someone have to work so hard after resigning.  When I arrived home Friday afternoon, work politics unexpectedly got to me and I was frustrated.  I have to let it go, which I am not good at.


New week, new start.


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caislas said...

Wish you ALL the best for this new beginning. You are very special:)
Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself and your girls in this blog.
We keep sending you good energy and reading you :)