Saturday, May 7, 2016

Life Lately + Photos

Approximately half of our neighbors are from India and whenever there's an Indian holiday/celebration, someone on our street has a party.  (Maybe ceremony is the correct word.)  Other neighbors have called the police during these gatherings, not for noise, but for the fact there are so many cars lining the street and they fear a fire truck won't be able to travel through the narrow curves.  So, anyway, on this particular evening, the sky was gorgeous and I kept sneaking out to take photos as the light changed.  The neighbors across the street from us were hosting a large gathering and people were parking along the street as I was taking photos.  I sincerely hope they don't think I was taking photos of the parking situation.






Speaking of neighbors, there are a fair amount of kids on our street but most of them are boys.  Ack!!  There are three boys in the third grade and somehow two of them ended up in Anna's class and one is in Emily's class.  One of them is our next door neighbor.  You have to remember our school system is quite large and there are 10, 11 or 12 (can't remember the exact number) of third grade classrooms this year so the odds of neighbors being in the same room are slim. There are another three boys, who are slightly older and live two houses down.  Can you imagine what the situation's going to be like in five years?

Emily and I both went for haircuts last weekend.  I don't know what's going on but the girls' hair and mine has grown a ridiculous amount the past six months.  I like to wait at least 9 months between haircuts but this time, I just couldn't hold out any longer.  My hair was almost to my natural waist in the back and even though it's not thick, it was giving me a headache when I put it up out of the way.  And my ponytail was all droopy.  The rule now for the girls needing a haircut is when I find myself saying, "Keep your hair out of the toilet."  Emily's was ridiculously long so she had all the ends cut off and evened up.  Allie has stated she wants a (longer) bob and I'm fine with it but she needs to wait until after the dance recital because I am not fighting the bun battle with a bob.  I've already made an appointment for her and Anna.

Remember how short Allie's hair was after it was cut in the fall?


It's now practically down to her waist.



(Reading Time (for adults))

(Pre-haircut) (Creative play)


(My hairstylist braided the front of Emily's hair after it was cut.  She loved it so much, she slept in it and wore it the next day.)


We are on day number seven of rain.  And it's been cold.  So much so I'm still wearing my winter coat for my commute.  Today is May 7th.  At this point, I've given up on spring and I'm waiting for summer.  The girls all have some form of a cold with a cough.  The only one who is really suffering is Anna.  Hers manifested into a persistent cough so she saw the doctor on Thursday.  Thankfully, she was just diagnosed with a cold.  Twelve kids in her class her absent that day.  Allie was wheezing the other night but it wasn't bad enough to break out the inhaler.  We need warmth!




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