Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Watching, reading, listening to

Rich and I aren't really television watchers.  That entire time I was sick with the flu, I never once turned on the TV even though there was one right there in the bedroom.  If we do have the TV on and it's American Idol night, then we'll watch that.  Somehow the girls have become obsessed with that show and, in particular, with a certain contestant.  Yes, Dalton.  Okay, so not all of the girls are enamored with him but one is very much so and another one is there but tries to hide it.  It appears that my love of rock stars was inherited.  We're in trouble.  Allie's favorite is La'Porsha, by the way.   The girls received iTunes gift cards at Christmas and there have been some purchases of contestants' performances.  By the children.  It's only the children.


Surprisingly, March was another good month for reading.  For the first few days I was sick, I couldn't handle much besides sleeping or resting in a semi-conscious state.  A few days in, I forced myself to read hoping to take my mind off of my discomfort.  After that, I was working from bed or resting.

Now I need to see the movie!  Books before movies, always.

I was in high school when the Gardner Museum art heist took place and being so close to Boston, I've always found it to be a topic of interest.  This book was well written, outlining all the details and players and included some interesting theories.  I would recommend it, especially if you're familiar with the Gardner Museum and Boston.  

I only decided to read this because it popped up as I was perusing selections at the library.  After I read the first 10% of it, I almost quit.  I have a completely different sense of humor and was not entertained.  The book became more interesting when she began discussing her background and career.  That's what I wanted to read.  I was a bit turned off at the end when Mindy talked about working hard and implied that working hard means working a lot.  Why can't someone work an 8 hour day and still be a hard worker?  Why does "working hard" always mean working a ridiculous amount of hours?  And some may disagree, and that's okay, because we all have opinions, but working for yourself is a lot different than working for the man.  (Okay, rant over.)

It was beginning to feel like comedy month when I read this right after Why Not Me?  I like Tina Fey and while this was a good read, I enjoyed Amy Poehler's book more.

I finally got around to reading the second book of this series and now I'm on hold for the third book.  These aren't exactly the type of books I would seek out but they're different, well written and hold your attention.

Allie and Emily recently discovered the author Roald Dahl and luckily our library has plenty of his e-books.  They fly through books so quickly, I'm always looking for something new for them.



Christi said...

I'll definitely check out Master Thieves. I love the Gardner Museum and the heist has always fascinated me. It's so sad to see the empty spots on the wall where the art used to be.

Last year I read The Art Forger that used the Gardner Museum as a backdrop for a young artist commissioned to create a fake Degas. It was really good if you want to add it to your list!

Next on my list is Georgia written by a local author, Dawn Tripp. It's gotten great reviews.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Sarah, you are the first person other than me, who doesn't seem to think that book is funny. Thank you :) I thought I was going crazy!

mel brouard said...

I love Roald Dahl. He is very popoular in South Africa as are a lot of English authors that my American friends do not see to know. As a teacher we often read Roald Dahl as a class read at the end of the day, The Witches and Mathilda being the favourites. Have the girls read any Enid Blyton? The Magic Faraway Tree series is good but may be a bit young for them.

Kylie said...

Sarah, I'm actually right there with you with Mindy Kahling. I actually got a very off-putting vibe from both of her books--like she thought her way of getting ahead was the ONLY way and she deserved success because her way was the right way. Not a fan, even though I do think she's very talented.