Friday, April 1, 2016

Swimwear Shopping

Shopping for swimsuits is always a tough one for us because by the time the girls need new ones in June/July, stores have moved on to faux fur vests and ankle boots.  I've learned my lesson and try to shop earlier now.  Sometimes swimsuits last through two years for us.  But with increased time at the pool and the beach, swimwear is usually trashed at summer's end.  We can't forgot about growing kids either.

I really need new swimwear.  Items that I like, as opposed to something that I wear because it mostly fits.  I've been wearing a rag tag collection of swimsuits since the girls were born.  Prior to expanding my mid-section to a ridiculous size, I only wore two pieces because they fit better.  I have trouble finding one-pieces to fit my petite torso.  They are usually too long, which is why you'll often see me wearing swim shorts with a one-piece.  (I just looked at the word piece for too long and now it seems weird.)  Tankinis won't work for me because the zone that I need to cover is exposed with a tankini.  Basically from right above where my belly button should be (that's right, I no longer have a belly button) down is a wrinkled mess.  If it were simply stretch marks, I wouldn't care.  This is skin that makes a shar-pei puppy look smooth.

So although I hate purchasing any clothing items for myself online (even with good return policies), I have been poking around to see what's out there.  I just can't force myself to go with something like this

because no matter what, it just would not look good on me.  (And I'm not really a fan of this particular look.)    

I came across this top and bottom from J. Crew that I like.

It would expose the non-existent belly button but whatever.

So whilst on J. Crew's website, I took a peek at the swimwear for girls.  OMG!  So many adorable suits.

After looking for swimwear for the girls on multiple sites, I decided that being a fashion blogger for the night would be fun and pulled these together.

Splurge:  Found here at J. Crew.  Currently on sale for $41.25

Save:  Found here at Old Navy.  If you take advantage of the website's 41% off one item today, you could purchase that bikini for $11.77.

Splurge:  Found here at Nordstrom.

Save:  Found here at J. Crew.  Currently on sale for $41.25

There's a ton of cute swimwear out there this year.  I could have pulled together a bunch of these Splurge/Saves but I need to go to bed.  Walking away from the cover-ups. . .


Jill said...

The J Crew suits are cute! I like Lands End for me and the kids.

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

We went to the beach last fall, and I ordered a few separates online. I got a couple of pairs of swim shorts and some tankini tops. (I have the exact same issue with one-pieces being too long.) The tankinis I ordered were longer...they met the shorts just fine. I think I sourced from Land's End and LL Bean. And I got a couple of pieces from Kohl's a few years ago.

Good luck! I know the struggle! :)

Christi said...

the tankini tops from Lands End might work for you because I have a long torso and they are long enough for me

they have some cute skirt and short options too - without looking like Esther Williams or my Grammie!