Thursday, April 21, 2016

Currently, this is 9

There are moments when I roar with laughter.

There are moments when I'm driven to the edge of insanity.

Sometimes I'm amazed by their creativity and imagination.

Sometimes I can't believe that the arguing with each other never. freaking. ends.

The girls have developed what I feel is a healthy habit of unwinding before falling asleep by reading in bed.  Their Kindles have assisted in keeping them with a supply of books.  I did ask Emily's teacher for recommendations, especially for when school is out for summer break.  Emily reads at well above her grade reading level but as her teacher agreed, sometimes those books may not be completely understood by third graders because of the content.  She suggested the Dear America series but Emily has read so many of them, it's hard to find unread ones at the library.

During the week, the girls usually eat dinner well before Rich and I arrive home at night.  The other night, Rich and I were eating a pizza (frozen, so glamorous) with goat cheese and tomatoes.  "Are there going to be any leftovers?"  I didn't think they would like goat cheese but I gave them a taste and they all declared that it was delicious and then there was drama over the 2 leftover pieces the next day.  Two kids "sneakily" ate it for lunch before the third kid could declare that a piece belonged to her.  The injustice!

I'm happy that the girls are very open to trying new food items.  I've made chickpea patties exactly twice now and it's a learning process.  The first time I served them as sandwiches and that was just too much of the same texture - too bready.  The second time I served them with baked sweet potato wedges but my timing was off and some of meal was ready too soon.  Allie announced, "Well, this is a disaster."  Thanks, kid.  BUT at least they are willing to each chickpea patties.  (I'll let you know how the third time goes.)

Boys!  (I can't go there.  All I know is that high school is going to be, ah, interesting.)  I will say that it has been very tame thus far, but this is only the very beginning.

Anna:  "Good, a stress ball.  I can use this when Grandma stresses me out."

Me:  "Mommy is closed."

Anna:  "No. Mommy is open for good."

Anna:  "What?  Grandma doesn't mind spending the money."  (She was taking them out for ice cream.)

Allie:  "Oh, they're going to Atlantis."

Me:  "Do you know what that is?"

Allie:  "It's like the most intense water park ever."

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Teej said...

Have they read the "Little House" series? I remember reading that around 3rd grade. Or the Chronicles of Narnia? If they like animals, maybe the Black Stallion books? I remember thinking the Bunnicula series was hilarious when I was about that age. Or the Indian in the Cupboard series? Have they done any of the Ramona Quimby series?

I know 25 years worth of books have been published since I was in elementary school, but I can only recommend the ones I read circa 1990, lol.