Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Booster seats forever!

Although I'm drowning at work right now, I took Friday off so I could be the one to bring the girls to their 9 year pedi appointment.  I was very much interested in genetics when I was younger and even considered going into genetic engineering.  I've always found the concept of identical twins fascinating and now with the girls, it's so interesting to see how much they are alike, along with their differences.  For weight, we have 44, 46 and 48 pounds.  Anna is still our peanut.  The girls definitely aren't picky eaters but she's the one who eats what I would refer to as a typical kid diet and she doesn't always have the best appetite.  Let's just say I happily agree to be a short order cook if she asks for an egg and cheese sandwich.     

In the state of Massachusetts, a child is required by law to remain in a booster seat until she is eight years old or reaches 4'9" in height.  The law aims to keep children in booster seats until an adult seat belt properly fits.  At this rate, the girls will be in boosters until they are 13, maybe 14 years old.  (insert laughing/crying emoji)

Allie and Emily both measure 47.5 inches tall.  That's just under the 2nd percentile for their age.  Anna is only an inch behind but that's enough to throw her in the .6th percentile.  Point 6!  At least they are on the charts.  There are no real concerns over their size.  They're following their own growth chart curves and genetics is playing its role as well.  I was always the smallest in my class. I hit puberty late.  I even grew two inches taller in college.  I'm just under 5'4" (my mom is shorter than I am) and there are some short genes on both sides of the family.  When all is said and done, I predict the tallest will be 5'1".  We really just need to ensure that they keep gaining weight, especially Anna.

The NP asked if the girls had chores at home.  They do have things they are supposed to help with, such as carrying their dishes from the table to the counter after they eat and cleaning up their toys after playing.  They are responsible with packing their school bags, snacks, etc., as much as they can.  There's the inability to reach top cabinets and shelves in the fridge.  They are still too short to empty the dishwasher.  They can't even reach the faucet on the kitchen sink.  The whole point in me telling you this is so you'll understand why Emily was fussing on the ride home.     

"I shouldn't have chores.  I'm just a kid and I should have fun now because when I'm adult, I'm going to have chores."

Oh, the girls did point out that they have asked to sweep the floor and Grammy has told them no, that they will make too much of a mess.  (insert laughing/crying emoji again) They've never asked me if they can sweep.  


Kate said...

We moved our dishes into a lower drawer so that our 4 and 6 year old could take turns emptying the dishwasher. I still have to do the glasses (and a few other things) because they go in an upper cabinet and I don't trust them to not drop a glass while standing on a stool.

Amber Gregory said...

I would have been in a booster seat until 6th grade according to those rules! oh my goodness. :/