Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring, sympathy and my mom uniform









The girls went on a nature walk in the woods with Rich on Sunday afternoon.  When I stepped outside, I could not believe how much it had warmed up.  Unlike the past few years, you can definitely feel and see signs of spring.  (Except for on Monday when an icy rain fell for most of the day.)  When I told Rich that I had seen a crocus out back, he replied, "I know.  Emily picked one for her hair."

The pediatrician's office called on Monday to let us know that Allie's throat culture had come back negative, which, by that point, we pretty much suspected it would.  She was still down and out on Saturday morning but by the evening, she was feeling much better and eating all the food.  Sunday, she woke up early and went to church with Rich and Emily and was 100% back to normal.  Unfortunately, because she was sick she missed out on a birthday party early Saturday afternoon and going to a friend's house Saturday night to watch some of the Kids Choice Awards.

I had the girls upstairs Friday night managing the bedtime routine and Allie sighed, "I need to go downstairs to get my book," before she began to slowly descend the stairs all Eeyore-ish.  Anna was all like, "I feel so bad.  I'll get your book for you."  Allie was really bummed out that she couldn't attend that birthday party on Saturday.  I think the fact that her sisters were going made it sting a little bit, too.  She kept texting me from Rich's phone while we were at the party asking to see pictures.  As I was loading Emily and Anna into the van after the party, Anna saw Allie's text saying how she wished she could have gone to the party too because it looked like such fun.  Anna began crying, saying she felt so bad for Allie.  Awwwwww.



The girls were very curious and asked many questions about daylight savings on Sunday.  So when it came time to ship them off to bed, they argued that it was really only 7:00, and not 8:00.  Yeah, no, it doesn't work that way.

(I'm convinced this bear comes to life, just like Toy Story, when people aren't looking.)

After the girls were born, I began to wear what I thought of as my mom uniform when I wasn't at work.  The uniform basically consists of jeans and a tee shirt and it serves a dual purpose:
  1. Three babies/toddlers are messy and I honestly didn't see the need in wearing anything nicer.  
  2. My wonderful pre-babies wardrobe did not fit and even if it had, see 1.
For the most part, the mom uniform continues on the weekend because most of the time, I can't be bothered.  About five years ago, in my late 30s, my ideal wardrobe matured as it should but it's exactly that - an ideal wardrobe and mainly exists in mind.  Along with my ideal body.  I'm really limited for time when it comes to shopping and I cannot shop for myself online because I usually end up purchasing less than 10% of what I try on which makes online shopping and returning items more of an annoyance.


Anna took that picture and if you ever want to see an adorable/hysterical sight, give a little kid a big camera with a heavy lens.  (Be sure that the strap is around their little necks.  You want to keep those cameras safe!)   

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