Thursday, February 4, 2016

Life Lately





Allie's talk show.  Emily is the gymnastics superstar guest.



Winter uniform





I have to say that I love the girls' outfit choices.  They do it all on their own.


Allie and Emily were moved up to a more difficult class in gymnastics this week so our schedules have shifted once again.  We tend to avoid Saturday activities but this time it couldn't be avoided.  Well, it could have if I had opted to keep them in the lower level for the remainder of the year and then moved them for the summer but they've worked really hard and I feel like they deserve to move now.  Gymnastics is wildly popular around here and there were only two classes with openings.  One conflicted with dance which left us with Saturday.  I am looking forward to it though.  There are benefits to Saturday activities.

Conversation with Emily yesterday morning:

Emily - "I was having a really fun dream this morning and then I realized I had to wake up for school and I didn't want to."

Me - "What kind of dream?"

Emily - "A fun dream!"

Me - "Oh.  Why was it fun?'

Emily - "Because we were at Disney."

Me - "Yes, that does sound like fun.  You just have to wait until later this year and then you will be there for real."

Emily - "Aren't we going on a cruise in April."

Me - "No.  Daddy didn't really want to go on a cruise so we are going to Disney World instead.  Maybe next year we can do the cruise thing."

(Deflect blame to the other parent.)

Emily - "Daddy!  You didn't want to go on a cruise?"

Me - "Well, it's probably for the best.  Let's get everyone healthy and all of Anna's appointments done with.  Next year will be better."

I've been obsessing over Hawaii lately.  I do this every winter.  I've visited the islands twice (too long ago) and both vacations were so spiritually relaxing and that's what I'm craving right now.  Spiritual, mental and emotional relaxation.  And warmth.  More snow tomorrow!  It's been a mild winter thus far so I can't complain.


Margaret said...

Your 2nd picture, with one of the girl's face/ eyelashes, is breathtaking. So good! And the last picture, she looks like a miniature version of my 17 year old high school students! :-)

DaddyBites said...

OMG I LOVE the talk show picture!!!! Too funny! That's a keeper for sure!

Kim (I don't know about the daddybites thing...might have been my husband's invention a few years back!)

Erika said...

The talk show picture is hilarious!! They have totally nailed the facial expressions of talk show hosts/guests...and the cups of coffee??! Amazing.

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures, you are so skilled at both portraits and landscape shots!

Caroline Porter said...

That picture of the eyelashes! That belongs in a gallery.