Wednesday, January 20, 2016

On being an identical triplet

Anna - "These two boys from Allie's class were in the lunch line next to me but on the other side of the ice cream cooler and they said, 'Hi, Allie,' and I told them that my name wasn't Allie."

Me - "Oh, okay.  So what happened?"

Anna - (tears, for real crying) "They still called me Allie."

Me - (to myself) Wouldn't they find it strange that Allie was wearing completely different clothing from when they just saw her in class

Emily - "Yeah, it's like I'm some kind of celebrity of something.  Kids see me in the hall and they're all like, 'Oh look, it's Allie's sister.  Oh look, it's Anna's sister.' I don't know why that's such a big deal."

The girls' dance instructor came out to the lobby last week to tell me that the girls had tricked her.  It turned out to be unintentional, as all cases of mistaken identify have been thus far.  (She was laughing.)  She was moving kids around into different spots on the floor and she called Allie over.  Anna thought she had called her name so she went over and when J looked at her, she said, "I can't tell who you are right now, but I know you're not Allie."

Anna has this secret password journal that has a voice activated password.  I have trouble telling the girls apart on the phone, so I was curious to see how this journal would deal with three extremely similar voices.  Yeah, it can't tell them apart at all.  As long as Anna keeps the password itself a secret, she's good.  Except she can't keep that password a secret at all.

Random funnies:

Allie - "I'm at the end of my rope."

Emily - "You need to be dealing with kids to be at the end of your rope."

Anna - "If I was Santa and kids were being bad, I would give them sushi."

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Teej said...

Laughed so hard about Santa giving bad kids sushi that I snorted a big snot bubble at my desk. Anna, I agree, kiddo.