Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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I stood in this very same spot five, maybe six, years ago and vowed to return with my camera as the (night time) view of the city was spectacular.  Now, not so much with all the new development.  The view is gone.

(Kind of a creepy photo bomb going on here.)




Boy, I am pooped.  Year-end work, which is always such a smack in the face after the holidays, picked up at the end of last week.  I worked late on Thursday and Friday, arriving home around 8:00.  And then I had to work on Saturday.  Compared to prior years, this overtime is light, but overtime is still time away from home, and laundry.  Yes, my good friend, laundry.  On my way home from work Saturday, I met Rich and the girls at his mom's place.  They had brought her some dinner and were visiting.  We decided to stop at Friendly's afterwards to feed the kids and, who am I kidding, ourselves.  I had eaten too much pizza at lunch so I skipped dinner and went right for a mini hot fudge sundae (one scoop!)  I love ice cream and could eat it every day of the week.  Instead of completely cutting out sweets, because that could never happen, I've been (mostly) limiting them to the weekends.  Although there was cake (two cakes!) in the kitchen at work one afternoon last week and I hadn't eaten a big lunch and those cakes were calling out to me.  So I took a sliver of the chocolate but it was super small so I cut off another sliver and then I wanted to try the other cake so I took a very small piece.  I often feel like I'm in a Seinfeld episode.

Anyway, I haven't been sleeping well and that's been adding to my discontent.  The kids aren't to blame, just my odd realistic dreams and inability to sleep restfully.  If I do get a three day weekend (don't know what's going to happen with work and Monday yet), I may require a nap.

One of the choices for spelling word activities this week was to write a poem using at least five spelling words (those of which are underlined.)  I was impressed with how quickly this was written and the mature creativity.  (It could all just be a fluke and I'm calling the kid a creative genius.)


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DaddyBites said...

definitely a creative genius!