Monday, January 18, 2016

In sickness, strep and snow

It's been a bit of a rough week around here.  I was extremely exhausted (somewhat unjustified) last weekend and into the beginning of the week.  At one point, I thought, I better not be getting sick, and wouldn't you know, the very next day it hit me.  I swallowed and, out of nowhere, my throat hurt. Within a few hours, I had a full blown cold.  I kept chugging into work though because, you know, year end and finally at 4:00 on Thursday afternoon, I popped into my boss's office, croaked, "I'm dying," with what voice I had left and made my way home to collapse into bed.  Rich firmly insisted that I stay home on Friday, which I agreed to.  Unbelievably, I'm still sick.  I'm better but I'm still really tired (and easily irritable.)

And then there's Anna, who had to be picked up from school by Grammy Thursday morning with a sore throat and a temperature of 101.  The nurses had taken her temperature shortly after she arrived because she was shivering and it was normal at that time but an hour later, she had a fever.  At first, I thought she may have come down with my cold, or whatever illness this is, but because it's Anna, the pediatrician managed to fit her.  Strep throat.  Again.  This is the sixth time she's been diagnosed with strep throat in the past eleven months, which earned her an appointment with the ENT to discuss tonsil removal.  (I am not happy about this it all.)

We had a weird, freak baby snowstorm blow through here Tuesday evening.  When I left work, the skies were clear.  I was shocked to see heavy snow falling when the train pulled into my home station.  What the what?  It only lasted for a few hours and amounted to two inches of snow but the kids were excited.  They've been praying to the weather gods for snow.




Poor Allie had four baby teeth extracted Saturday morning.  This is all in an attempt to buy some time with her crowding issues and make room for adult teeth coming in.  She had the option of going to a dentist office that offers happy gas but she wanted to go with the office she's familiar with.  She's a tough kid.


She wanted a photo for sharing at school.  I don't think she realized that all she has to do is open her mouth.

I'm blogging from Rich's laptop as mine is no longer cooperating with Blogger.  Supposedly, my browser is still supported but something went amiss overnight and the help forum is of no help.  My laptop is over five years old now and I've been delaying buying a new one.  I've upgraded my browser as much as possible but it's still unsupported by many websites (my friend, flickr included.)  The nuisance before Blogger was Dropbox.  The school's yearbook uses Dropbox and as a class photographer, it would save me time but my laptop laughed at Dropbox.

Speaking of major purchases, our dishwasher kicked the bucket on Christmas Day.  It was leaking (or dumping water everywhere) and rather than attempt to repair a 10+ year old dishwasher, we decided to replace it with a new one.  I'm waiting for the washing machine to go.  These things all seem to happen around the same time, don't they?


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Siné said...

You are right about appliances/electronics all dying at the same time. Last year, my refrigerator, washing machine, and the heat valve on my boiler all when kaput between memorial day and labor day. I hope your washing machine holds out for you for a while longer. Major appliance purchases are no fun.