Thursday, December 17, 2015

Time flies

Not only can I not believe that today is Thursday (where did the week go?) but I cannot believe that it is already December 17th.  This year will soon come to an abrupt end.  Back in January, I stated that my only goal was to survive the year.  And I have.  Somewhat sad to think that I had no resolutions, goals or aspirations other than pure survival.  Maybe I was simply trying to make life easy for myself.







The beginning of the week was a tough one for Anna.  I brought her to a friend's birthday party on Saturday and she had a fantastic time.  Afterwards, we ran into the toy store to pick up some gifts and she was in a great mood.  Extra squeezable.  Extra cute.  The next morning, she woke up sick - sore throat, fever, general yuckiness.  We had a family birthday party that afternoon but we (obviously) had to keep her home.  There was a doctor's appointment first thing Monday morning.  Strep. Throat.  You have got to be kidding me.  It hit her fast and hard and I'm hoping that once she kicks it, she doesn't get it again or the subject of tonsil removal will be raised and this kid has been through enough this year.


Those two not only spent time snuggling but set up a sleepover for Saturday night.  At the last minute, Anna decided she wanted to sleep in her own bed so as to wake up whenever she wanted to.  I guess Emily had set up some rules regarding when they had to be up.  Maybe that was a good thing because thus far, the strep has been contained.

Christmas is in one week and approximately 25% of what I need to do is done.  This could get interesting.

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JEN said...

My two (!!) year old had his tonsils and adenoids out, as well as ear tubes due to sleep apnea and recurrent ear infections. The recovery was HORRIBLE, but 1.5 years later, it was so worth it.