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I'm usually able to catch the last half of the girls' ballet class and as I caught sight of them through the viewing window this past week, they suddenly seemed taller.  Granted, they are still the same height as most first graders but their little legs have definitely stretched out since the start of the school year.  Ankles are peeking out where they shouldn't be and I'm thinking it's a good thing they only wear leggings and jeggings, which are much more forgiving when it comes to length.

A few moms at ballet have told me that they enjoy watching my girls dance.  Or that my girls are such good dancers.  I always smile.  They never exclude Anna and yet many of them don't know her story.  They don't know that her left leg is weaker than her right, probably weaker than everyone else's in the class, but she is out there trying her best.  She's a hard worker.  On the summary sheet from her parent/teacher conference, that was how her teacher described her.  Wonderful and a hard working student.  All of the girls are but for Anna, it's more noticeable.  She has to cover a greater distance in order to reach everyone else.

We've all settled into third grade, which became "easy" once those first three horrendous math topics were said and done.  We are now into multiplication and everyone is happy.  The first parent/teacher conferences of the year were a breeze.  Everyone is learning.  Everyone is cooperative, well behaved, attentive and doing as they should.  No concerns.

I'm far from having this parenting thing figured out but that's all we can really ask of our children.  Do the best you can.  If you do your best, we won't ask for more.

Now, can we talk about the quarreling with each other . . .


Anonymous said...

Does Anna have cerebral palsy? Has she ever been evaluated for a tethered cord? These can be linked to spina bifida.

Sarah said...

She does not have CP. She is monitored for tethered cord. She has low muscle tone from spina bifida.