Sunday, October 25, 2015

Some photos and stuff

Me:  "How old are you?"
Allie:  "29."


A bear's life . . .





So I've volunteered to be a classroom yearbook photographer for Anna's class and Emily's class.  What did I get myself into?  Last year, the girls asked if I could do this and I feared how the time commitment would fit in with work so I told them maybe in the future.  Well, a few weeks after school started, an email went out from the yearbook committee asking again for parents to volunteer and there was a list of classrooms that had no volunteers.  They prefer to have two photographers per class - a primary and back-up.  All three of the girls' classes were listed as having zero volunteers so I hemmed and hawed for a week and then sent an email volunteering for all three.  How could I not?  After going back and forth a few times, I landed as the primary for Anna and Emily.  Two other parents had volunteered for Allie's class.  I really do wish I had more time to volunteer with school stuff but unfortunately, right now, I'm maxed out.

About a week ago, Rich upgraded his original iPhone (a 4) to a 6.  My phone (a 4) is (was) almost three years old and I told Rich I would continue to use it until it died.  I should have kept my mouth shut because the very next day, the on/off button jammed.  So I was forced to upgrade.  The kid who helped us out at the store commented that it had been a long time since he had seen the operating system on my phone.  Yes, I'm a granny.

I'll leave you with some morning views . . .




Wendy said...

Wow, look at that pink!

Anonymous said...

Still using the 4! 5 yrs old and on/off button is jammed as well.

Was Allie upset you aren't volunteering with her class?

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? I have a flip phone! Not even an iPhone4.

Sarah said...

Allie was bummed but I can still volunteer for projects and field trips. Plus, a friend of mine with older kids in the same school system says that she volunteers as photographer for 1 kid each year and has taken pictures of her other kids' classes and turned them in to the yearbook people. The girls' classrooms take field trips, etc. together so I told her I would do that.

Anon - No, not kidding. So, I guess you win Granny of the year. ;) I thought I was doing pretty good in a world where people are constantly upgrading or breaking their smartphones. That was my first one and I held on to it for almost 3 years.