Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Falmouth Road Race + Craigville Beach

Rich ran Falmouth again this year.  The girls and I drove down there with him that morning (way too early for a weekend) to cheer him on.


I may not have combed hair that morning.  Oh, well.


The Falmouth Road Race has significantly changed over the years.  The race is still a sell out but the number of spectators decreases each year.  The following photo was after the race had started with wheelchairs coming through and elites not too far behind.  Ten years ago, this road was lined with spectators well before the race.



Sitting on the side of the road, watching the runners made me a bit sad because I couldn't participate.  It was partly inspiring though.  And then I ate a bunch of donut holes.


Every year, we grab lunch after the race and then sit in traffic attempting to drive home because everyone else has the same game plan.  We decided to change it up this year with a side trip to the beach.  We drove further up the Cape to Craigville Beach.  This beach is ideal if you don't have little itty bitty kids.


Here's everything you need to know about Craigville:

  • The drop-off to deeper water comes quick, which makes it a better beach for kids who are a little bit older and can swim.
  • There are some slight swells/waves but nothing crazy.  It's good for swimmers, not good for little ones who could easily be knocked over when the waves break.
  • You can enjoy the warmer waters of Nantucket Sound from Craigville.  I swim maybe once every other year because I cannot stand cold water.  It hurts me.  Because Rich was exhausted from running the race, I spent a good deal of time in the water with the girls.  It was amazingly warm.  And I won most fun parent in the water from the girls.
  • It's rare to find rip currents or strong tides here. 
  • If you like to walk and hunt for shells, this is a good spot for it.  There are private residences to the right of the beach but because they only own to the water line, walking along the shore is permitted.  Interestingly enough, twenty years ago, you could walk along there and not see anyone.  Over the past few years, those houses have seen much more use.    
  • There are real bathrooms.
  • This is a public beach with a large parking lot.  Parking fee is $20 on the weekend.

(If you're looking for a good beach for toddlers and little kids, check out Corporation Beach in Dennis.)










We finished our day with dinner at Baxter's.  I had some wicked awesome chowda!  Views from the restaurant . . .




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Christi said...

it's too bad that the spectators don't turn out for Falmouth like they used to. I think the last time I went was about 10 years ago and it was PACKED on both sides of the road - similar to how it is for the marathon in April.