Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cruise Wear for Kids

I've decided that I really, really want to do a cruise in 2016.  Imagine sitting on a private verandah outside your cabin watching the sun set over the ocean.  Sounds appealing to me.  (Although, right about now almost any type of vacation would sound appealing to me.)  Plus, the girls are always up for an adventure and this would be a completely new (hopefully, fun) experience for them.  We're still looking at different options and timing, and I'm thinking that a short one would be best just in case all doesn't go well.

With clothing sales in full force this past holiday weekend, I couldn't help but pick up a few items with either a nautical or a tropical vibe for the girls.  If we end up cruising, the girls will have some cute clothes to wear and if we don't end up cruising, well, the girls will have some cute clothes to wear.  Either way, I'll be ahead of the game.

I picked up this dress at Old Navy for $9.  Not a wow! sale but still a good deal.

I had already purchased three of this blue and white maxi dress when it was on sale for $10 at the beginning of the summer.  I went with the medium, which is supposed to fit size 7/8 and it was too long for all three of the girls.  The dresses should fit next year, especially after I throw them in the dryer.        

These cute little palm-print swing dresses were about $6 each.

I then headed to Gymboree where I picked up the following for $5 each.  Original price was $25+ each.

The girls have asked when/if we are returning to Disney World.  It's been almost a year since our last vacation there.  I looked at airfare for February vacation week and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was reasonable.  I began checking out resort pricing even though there aren't any Disney deals out just yet.  And then I discovered that the week I had thought was vacation week was actually the week after vacation week, so of course everything was reasonably priced.  Airfare for the real vacation week?  Outrageous. Would be thousands of $$$$ for our family.  A little more research revealed that our February vacation week, which begins with Presidents Day, is a peak week down there.  It looks like the Princess 10K is at the end of the week too, adding to the crazy.  Soooo looks like we won't be heading down there in the next six months.


Bernice said...

If you are looking for a family cruise,I would highly recommend a Disney cruise. There is so much to do not only for the girls,but for you and your hubby. They are a little expensive,personally I think it is worth it:)

Cindy said...

We went to Disney in 2012 on Presidents Day week and it was absolutely insane. On top of all the vacationers and the marathoners, there was also some sort of international cheerleading competition happening at ESPN, so every grassy area in our resort was covered in less than half dressed cheerleaders practicing (screaming) in every language under the sun for hours on end. Oh... and did I mention it was also the week after the huge norovirus outbreak on the Disney cruiselines? Yeah... by then, it had wormed its way into the Resorts. Avoid that week!

You're very brave to want to cruise with littles. It's too many people in enclosed spaces for me... see norovirus above.

Jennifer said...

I second the Disney Cruise recommendation....Disney just knows how to do things right. I cruised Carnival and Celebrity before Disney and loved our Disney cruise so much!! They have some great 3 and 4 day cruises which I think are reasonable in price, especially booked in advance.

Melissa B said...

Disney Cruise all the way - and for me the thought of going to Disney world is torture. Fun for everyone - including my parents.

Kim and Matt said...

We took our (then) 4 yr old on a Royal Caribbean Cruise with our extended family, and she had a blast! RC had a great kids club on our ship, and she looked forward to going there to play and do things (especially after dinner), which left time for mommy and daddy to do our own fun things (casino, show, just hanging out with a foofy drink). Royal Caribbean has a port in New Jersey which would be great for you to drive to and not have to pay airfare. The trade off is that it might be a longer cruise. But they are the bigger boats too - so lots of fun things to do all around.
Definitely do it - you'll have a blast!