Monday, September 14, 2015

And then there were haircuts

I never set forth demands or rules that my girls had to keep their hair long.  I prefer long hair on little girls (my own kids - I don't care what you do with yours) and so their hair grew and grew.  It grew past the stage of first haircuts.  It grew longer and thicker and then suddenly one day it was Rapunzel-length.  By that point, they wanted long hair.  They wanted to be like Rapunzel, just not locked up in a tower.  I trimmed it myself for a variety of reasons.  How hard can it be?  Well, it's not that hard but it's not that easy and thankfully, long, wavy hair hides mistakes.  And so we lived with hair, lots and lots of hair.

Back in the spring, Allie asked for a bob.  It was the first time anyone had requested a haircut.  And I admit that bobs are super cute.  But when her dance instructor got wind of Allie's desire for a bob, she begged and pleaded with her to wait until after the annual dance recital.  I promised the girls that I would bring them to my hairstylist because I trust no one else to cut their hair.  But then it was summer and I thought it would be nice to have fresh haircuts right before school started.  Well, we weren't able to get in before school began but close enough.  


I feared that Allie would flip out going from well beyond waist-length hair to a bob so we agreed on an in-between length with it angled in the front.  She loves it and I do too.  It looks so much thicker.  And if she still wants a bob, she can get one. (Probably after this year's dance recital.) 

Nervous but excited


Funny side story.  People are always asking me if I can tell the girls apart.  Yes, always.  I thought this was a picture of Emily.  Had to check the part to figure out which kid it was.




And then it was Crystal Gayle's turn.



Emily kept her hair long.  It's around her waist now.


Anna's appointment is next week.  She's last because a year ago when I trimmed her hair a half an inch, she had a mental breakdown.  She needed (and I needed her) to see her sisters' with haircuts first.  

You can't tell from her expression in this photo but Allie just loves her shorter hair.  

"Ann-na! Leave Katie (the bear) alone!"


JEN said...

We are hair challenged in my family. Your daughters have gorgeous hair! I too like long hair on girls.

MCox said...

Wow, that's going to take some getting used to. Well maybe they'll all end up with different hair cuts and it will be easier for (others) to tell them apart!

Kathleen said...

Love the haircuts! Can't wait to see Anna's too :)

What hair products do you use to maintain their hair (shampoo, conditioner)? Their hair seems so healthy despite the length.

Sarah said...

Their hair is pretty healthy even though it's so long. I very rarely use heat on it. For shampoo - we just use inexpensive tear-free - usually whatever is on sale. I use a thick conditioner for their hair. Right now we are using stuff in a purple container.

erniebufflo said...

My girls hair is such a source of joy and concern in my house. On the one hand, it's blonde and beautiful and I just want to let it grow grow grow, and for Claire, whose hair is fine, I probably could. But Etta Jane is a conundrum. Her hair is SO thick and so prone to tangling, and she refuses to let me style it to keep it out of her face or off her neck except for a bun once a week for ballet class. She'll just be SWEATING, but if I ask if she wants "Anna braids" or a ponytail, she refuses, and tells me she likes it "wild." But this means it gets so tangly, even with leave in conditioner and a wet-brush, post-bath comb-outs often involve crying. Thinking of trying to convince her to go for a cute classic bob just to get it off her neck and prevent tangles, but I'm not sure she'll go for it. And really, I don't know if I could stand cutting of that thick, curly beauty. Your girls look FAB in every style!