Thursday, August 27, 2015

This and That

In less than a week, we'll officially have three third graders on our hands.  How did that happen?  We've perused the class lists and I think it's safe to say that the girls know at least half of the kids in their rooms.  Allie and Emily were bummed that their BFFs ended up in different classrooms but there's always next year and we can have play dates for now.  

Unlike last year, I was not able to avoid back to school shopping.  The girls still had and were wearing pants from the first grade.  Because they're so skinny, it's hard to find pants that fit properly.  They prefer the comfort of leggings and jeggings and so that's how we roll.  Plus, those seem to fit better.  We're up to size 6 pants now.  They are sort of between sizes at Gymboree and Children's Place.  Size 5/6 is a perfect fit but size 7/8 is huge.  The sizing of dresses at Gymboree is a bit better and we've been able to go with a 7.

When we were in Michigan, I had a conversation with my family regarding the Failure To Thrive Generation, which is what my kids are in.  Rich and I come from the You Eat Whatever Is Being Served Or You Don't Eat generation.  There were no choices or negotiations or snacks if you didn't eat enough with your meal.  Anna has been hovering at just over 40 pounds for a year now and was previously diagnosed as failure to thrive.  Allie and Emily are only a few pounds more so we do have to offer choices.  The girls are fairly adventuresome when it comes to trying food now.  That doesn't mean that they'll like it but they will try anything.  Sometimes they take the vegetarian route, which is interesting because I often do the same.  And sometimes they have atypical kid meal requests like a caesar salad with chicken.

I've picked up running yet again.  I always tell myself that the first mile is the hardest and that it will get easier after that.  Well, the second mile usually seems harder.  This is the worse shape I've ever been in and I hate not being comfortable in my own skin.  It's difficult juggling full time work and everything that goes along with three kids.  Sometimes I'm just so exhausted and have absolutely no energy for running.  Plus, I'm old and everything's all creaky.  I'm less than two weeks into this and I've already hurt myself twice.

Huge news - Anna can do a pullover on the gymnastics bar.  Allie was actually a really good coach too, walking Anna through how to hold herself and describing what her body should be doing.  

I never thought Lensbaby fit my type of photography style but I have to say that I'm totally intrigued by the new Lensbaby Velvet 56.  Not so much that I'm willing to drop $500 on one but still, would love to try it out.

Because items belonging to me sometimes disappear into thin air (like the zipper foot to my sewing machine), I am currently unable to move photos from my camera to my laptop and it's making me itchy.  Very itchy.


Esther said...

Hi! Our kids seemed to have always been in the same size range, despite the fact that I have boys and that they turned seven years old just a few days ago. They, too, are considered on the smaller side for their age (for boys at least, right?). They are 46.5in and 40lb. I hear you on finding clothes! Since they are skinny, but have longer legs....just wanted to share with you that I've found the Crazy 8, Gymboree and Gap Kids carry slim sizes and that way, the pants fit nicely. You probably already knew that- excuse me if that is indeed the case. The boys at the size indicated above are a perfect size 6 (not slims though) and I am likely to switch their pants again around Christmas for 7Slims.

PS: If I had girls, I'd go the jeggins and leggins way, too, though!


BreezieGirl said...

I have the LensBaby Composer - it was one of the first lenses I ever purchased and I love how it challenges me creatively and technically by having to do everything manually. Not to encourage unnecessary equipment... ;)