Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wrapping up the school year

The school year ended in a somewhat rushed, bittersweet manner.  It seems like that last week takes forever to arrive and then when it does, the end is so fast.  The girls all liked their teachers and I've already heard some anxiety over who their new teachers will be.  Allie's teacher went out on medical leave two months ago.  You may not remember but the same thing happened in kindergarten.  It was tough for Allie and god bless her teacher.  She tried to figure out a way to stay through the end but for her health, it was best that she not be in the classroom.  The substitute teacher was fantastic and made the transition easy for the kids.

I want to make sure the kids keep up with math this summer.  Reading isn't a chore for them so I have no concerns there.  They had accumulated $35 each in Barnes and Noble gift cards so we headed there this weekend to stock up on books.  A definite benefit of having two sisters at the same reading level is three times the books!  We have plenty of math sheets but they need to be distributed in an organized manner.  I learned that lesson last summer.

I wasn't able to take photos on the last day so we cheated and took some the day before.




First day of second grade photos:



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