Friday, July 10, 2015

White Mountains, NH

Last week, we headed up to New Hampsha, or New Hampshire to you non-Bostonians, for our annual vacation.  Well, I was wicked, or really to you non-Bostonians, tired heading into it and that trip isn't exactly a vacation in the traditional sense of a vacation.  But we had fun.  And I'm planning to catch up on sleep this weekend.  (Take note, hon.)

In addition to the typical Story Land and Santa's Village outings, we wanted to take advantage of nature this year because we are in the mountains and surrounded by nature and it seems like a shame not doing something outdoors.  Plus, the kids are old enough now to appreciate that kind of stuff.  So we planned for three full days up there.  We figured we would arrive mid-afternoon Tuesday, which would give us enough time to squeeze in a few hours at Story Land.  We then wouldn't need a full day at Story Land on Wednesday and could enjoy some down time at the pool.  Thursday was reserved for NATURE and then Friday would be Santa's Village.

Well, our best laid plans were slightly changed with the addition of a last minute urology appointment for Anna Tuesday morning.  She needed a repeat urodynamic, or urotorture, study completed and yada, yada, yada it was scheduled for eight o'clock that morning, which meant that Rich, Anna and I trekked into Boston at the crack of dawn, then returned home to pick up Allie, Emily (who had a tennis lesson that morning) and Grammy and pack up the van before heading north again.  By the time we arrived at the rental house and settled in, Story Land was closing up.

So, yeah, we tried something different this year and rented a house with family.  While having a house, as opposed to hotel rooms, has advantages, there were also some disadvantages.  Like lack of housekeeping services.  We also didn't have the right house.  I own an "antique" home and can appreciate the "charm" and "character" that these homes offer.  But not when it's a house I'm renting. For vacation.

Our best laid plans were seriously disrupted when it poured all day Wednesday, our first full day there. The kids were bummed because they wanted to do something (go to Story Land!) but it was raining heavily all day and didn't let up until early evening.  I was determined to fit in NATURE though.  We will enjoy nature if it's the last thing we do on this vacation!

These photos are from the first two days of our trip.







(I requested and was granted permission to take this photo of Anna.  See later: Anna, permission, photo.)







A note on hot tubs.  This was the girls' first (and most likely last for a long time) experience with hot tubs, mainly because I don't believe they are for children.  They were able to go in this one because it belonged to the rental house and the thermostat was kind of busted so it wasn't as hot as it should have been.  All three ended up with a rash after we returned home, which resulted in a trip to the pedi because the rash sort of looked like chicken pox.  Nope, it probably came from the hot tub or the pool and we were advised to keep them out of public hot tubs.  Not a problem. 

(If you're wondering why Anna seems missing from some posts, it's because I wasn't granted permission to photograph her.)








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