Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Toothless Kid Club + Surgery Update

The weekend after Anna's surgery, she lost both of her front teeth.  On Saturday night, I handed her a tissue and suggested she pull one out.  I walked out of the room and thirty seconds later she announced, "It's out."  I didn't believe her which is ridiculous because the teeth were just sitting there in her gums.  The next morning, I handed her another tissue and she immediately pulled the other tooth out.  I wish I had thought to do that prior to the surgery as I had to repeatedly point out to the nurses and the anesthesiologist that her teeth were loose.  Anyway, I'm loving the toothless smile. 



At the end of last week, one week post surgery, Anna returned to the hospital for follow up appointments.  First up was an ultrasound of her kidneys and bladder.  After lunch in the cafeteria, we met with her urologist.  The ultrasound can't reveal success/failure of the deflux injection but is used to ensure that there aren't any complications from surgery, such as blockage.  The first good news we heard was that there were no signs of any complications.  Her urologist also told us that the ultrasound was "encouraging" with respect to success.  She will return in October for an RNC which will show if there is any reflux.    

A few people have asked how Emily and Allie reacted to Anna having surgery.  We tried to downplay it as much as possible so in their mind, it seemed almost like another doctor's appointment.  When the word "surgery" was used a few days prior in order to explain why she could eat/drink, Allie said, "Wait, Anna's having surgery?"  They asked a lot of questions, which we answered.  Emily tried to give Anna a hug as we were leaving that morning but Anna ran away.  While we were at the hospital, we texted updates to Grammy so they would all know what was going on and when Anna was in recovery, Allie requested that we take a picture of her and send it to them.  So just typical eight year old stuff.    


Anonymous said...

Children's pulled my daughter's front tooth during surgery because it was "dangerously wiggly." When she woke up, the "tooth fairy" had come (all the nurses chipped in) while she was asleep for the surgery and gave her some money. Once again, those people really know what they are doing.

I am so glad to hear Anna is doing well. Fingers crossed that the worst is over!

Anonymous said...

you said it right a few posts back, she ROCKS!!!!! so glad to hear good and encouraging news about Anna!


Bernice said...

So glad she is doing well,and it's looks encouraging,she is such sweet little trooper:)
Love love her toothless smile.
Thanks for sharing:)