Saturday, June 20, 2015

Funny + Sweet

I hope everyone is enjoying this Father's Day weekend.  We had a nice day today but rain is moving in and it's going to pour tomorrow, which completely squashes our plans for Team Triplet to place in the walkers division of a local 5K.  Rich is still debating on whether or not to run the 10K.  (I miss running.)

So the kids crack me up with some of their schoolwork.  Except this first one isn't schoolwork.  Allie presented it to me last month for Mother's Day.  See #6?


What you must know is that I sing all the time.  I even make up songs.  All the time.  Apparently my singing and song crafting abilities are not appreciated.  #3 is tax returns.

These next two are from Anna.



The girls take after me in that they strongly dislike explaining solutions to math problems.  

Back to editing photos. . .


Sadia said...

TAX RETURNS! I'm dying here. Those are some fabulous lists!

BreezieGirl said...

Bahahaha! Too funny about the singing! I was in Boston at the end of last week for a wedding and loved visiting your city - that rain certainly squashed my adventure plans for my final day, haha, but at least the rest of the weekend was great???