Monday, March 2, 2015

This and That

So this happened last week . . .


Albeit wobbly, the tooth was there that morning.  Due to my dentist appointment and timing and trains that don't run when they should, I happened to pick the girls up from school that day.  By happenstance, Allie and Emily were together in line and as they bounced over to me, I thought wow, they look so much alike today.  I told them so and even called them "twinsies."  Yeah, so we abuse the definition of "twin" just like people are don't have/aren't twins do.  It didn't hit me until after we had threaded our way through the crowd and I looked down to see Allie looking up at me with a big smile on her face.  OMG! When did you lose your tooth!


The snow continues here but we have finally seen some temperatures "near normal" so there has been a little bit of melting.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't warm up enough to rain because that would surely result in flooded basements.  So normally a day or two after it snows, the snow doesn't look nice.  It's gritty and grimy along roadways and the top has that melted/frozen/melted look to it.  This year, it has snowed so much (some days, just a dusting) that it looks fresh most days.  I'm happy that March is finally here.  February was no friend.


Kidney beans = a new favorite food for Allie and Emily.  They are all really open to trying new foods so a few weeks ago I made chickpea patties.  My first mistake was using garlic and my second mistake was serving the patties on sandwiches.  The patties and the bread had the same texture and the garlic was too much for the kids.  They each ate half a sandwich but kept saying that it tasted too strong.  I had one too and it was definitely the garlic.


Back to the '80s.


Allie and I were reading in my bed one afternoon and then we both fell asleep.




Allie cracked me up tonight.  She was telling me about her math homework and how she had needed some help.  When I asked if it was done or did she need to finish it, she responded with, "It was a bit of a struggle but I got through it after dance while sissies were yelling and screaming.  They were playing train station."


Anonymous said...

"they were playing train station." LOL! Seriously, that is almost as good as the guy who said to the conductor collecting tickets that his wallet was working on a "reduced recovery" schedule and only paid half the conductors. I feel your pain!

Sarah said...

That's a good one!