Thursday, February 26, 2015

Have triplets, want to travel

Sorry I've been a bit MIA this week.  I've been fighting a losing battle with this sore throat/congestion illness for almost two weeks now.  I thought I was on the road to recovery last week and then I ended up waiting outside one night for my train at South Station for an hour in the extreme cold (15 degrees) and a few days later, this all came back.  Hi, nice to see you again.

So not only has Boston been slammed with snow, it has been absolutely freezing cold.  Yes, it's winter but around these parts, we usually don't see these low temperatures for weeks on end without a break.  It's relentless.  To add insult to injury, I spent about five hours commuting on Friday.  It took me over three hours to get home Friday night.

After my arctic walk to work Friday morning


I began dreaming, almost obsessively, of a tropical vacation. I think my top choice right now is Grand Cayman.  Rich and I had the Cayman Islands on our travel wish list many, many years ago, before Hurricane Ivan but then we had babies and the travel wish list was tucked away.

In 2000, my friend, Carrie, and I vacationed in Maui as part of a group through a Texas radio station.  Looking back, it was such a bargain.  I think we each paid $1,000.  That covered airfare, our shared beachfront hotel room at the Westin, rental car and entertainment.  These days, roundtrip airfare from Boston can run you $1,000 (or close to it.)


Rich and I managed to squeeze in a few tropical vacations before we were married:
  • Florida Keys, mainly Key West
  • Marco Island
  • Bahamas
  • Cruise to Mexico       




We honeymooned on Maui and Hawaii (the Big Island.)


I would love a return trip to Hawaii with the girls some day.  They would have to be older though. That's a long trip from the east coast and I'd want them to remember the trip.  For now, we're snowed in.  I did desperately search for cheap airfare to Florida for March/April and while I found some good deals, I don't want to pull the girls out of school for vacation again and we have medical appointments booked for school vacation week.  I just want to feel a hot sun on my face.  


Farah said...

I hate, hate cold weather too. My husband and I visited Grand Cayman last year on a cruise and it was heavenly.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Here in Ontario, we are getting the same temperatures, but not nearly as much snow. So ready for it to be done!