Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blizzard #2 of 2015

It happened.


We ended up with more accumulation than originally forecasted.  I think our "official" total was 17 inches.


The deck.  You can't even really tell it's a deck.


The fence along the backyard is completely covered over in some spots.


Here's what it should look like:


What's left of the pool.  The "above ground" pool.


Normally, as a residential street, we are last on the to-be-plowed list.  For some reason, or maybe it was the guy who works for the town who lives/lived (that's up for debate) down the street, this plow came early in the storm and then many times right after the snow ended.


Which was great except that I wanted to walk up the street to take some pictures.  I waited until he had plowed and then safely, or so I thought, headed up the street.  Well, he was up there, around the bend, clearing a neighbor's driveway and the neighbor gave me with my camera the side eye as if I was going to photograph and report the plow for clearing the end of a driveway.  Then the plow headed back down the street towards me.  I had to run and jump into someone's partially cleared driveway for safety.







It was technically still a blizzard when we were out there due to the wind.  I had to crop that photo so you could see her face.  Yup, that's a blizzard.



I have some more photos of missing fences but I'm too tired to edit, etc.  I spent almost four hours today commuting.  Over an hour and a half this morning and more than two hours tonight.  The MBTA is saying that it's going to take 30 days to get systems back to normal, and normal around here includes delays.  I'm tired.


Katie said...

One day the girls are going to look back on these pics and think "oh my god, do you remember that winter it snowed like crazy?" At least crappy weather is a good memory down the line.

Christi said...

My husband takes the commuter rail to South Station too. It's ridiculous! I totally sympathize with your hideous commute experience. He has to take the 6:11 AM train because the only morning other train is at 8 something.

BreezieGirl said...

My San Diego self is both feeling guilty and jealous. Guilty because I don't have to deal with things like layers, and warm waterproof shoes, and transportation, and FEET AND FEET of snow! Jealous because just once I think it'd be fun (just once). Plus the photo opportunities I'll never have...

Stay safe! And warm! And good luck with the trains. :\ I have a BUNCH of friends traveling to Boston this weekend and I worry their trip will be spent stuck somewhere due to weather.

Sarah said...

Christi - Sorry your husband is dealing with this commuting nightmare as well.

Katie - Allie asked me why I was taking pictures and I explained that some day, when everyone is talking about all the snow we got in 2015, she'll have pictures.

BreezieGirl - I don't mind a good storm or two but now I want it to go away. haha Hope your friends get in and out okay. We are expecting another storm this weekend.