Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cool it now

I had to work last Monday, the holiday, and Rich was home with the girls.  He had a wake to attend that evening, so after catching an early train, I scurried over to the dance studio to trade vehicles and duties.  Allie had hip hop practice and as I positioned myself to watch her through the one-way mirror, I realized that, sadly, it was the first opportunity I'd had to see her class this year.  They are practicing for the dance recital in May and I was quite impressed with how well they knew their routine thus far.  The dance recital this year is '80s themed, less the big hair (well, I hope less the big hair) and as a child of the '80s, I'm loving it!

For each class, there will be two dances for the recital but they've only been working on the first.  I have been able to catch the last half of their ballet class most weeks so I'm familiar with the choreography for Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper) and I quite often break into my own rendition of the song, which causes Anna to yell out, "Shush!  No singing."  Guess she doesn't like it.  Allie's hip hop class has been working on their routine for Cool It Now (New Edition) and thanks to YouTube, we were able to show the girls the music video.  Their reaction was hysterical.  "Whaaaat?  That's a boy singing!  I thought it was a girl.  Why does his voice sound like that?"

We had some excitement here Friday night.  Emily finally lost a top front tooth that had been loose forever.  Apparently, she announced that she was sick of it, marched into the bathroom and returned with the tooth in her hand.


Growly face



The note she left for the tooth fairy:  Please don't take my tooth.  Just leave me a coin.  I lost my first top tooth.  I am excited.  (She wants to bring the tooth in for sharing this week at school.)

We had our first "significant" snowfall of the season this weekend.  (Pictures coming soon.)  Total accumulation in our area was only about four inches or so, which really isn't much at all but enough for the kids to play in.  The roads were a mess because of the rain mixing with the snow.  Back in the fall, all I kept hearing was how bad this winter was going to be and we all kind of chuckled at that prediction and our mangy four inches of snow on Saturday.  Yeah, so I woke up this morning to discover that there's a blizzard warning beginning tomorrow night.  What?!?!  

Suburbia at nightfall (pre-snow)


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