Tuesday, December 16, 2014


On Facebook friends:

Allie:  "Why are you friends with Nilla Wafers?"

Me:  "It's an ad, buddy."

On being the president:

Allie:  "My favorite president is Theodore Roosevelt."

Anna:  "My favorite president is Obama."

Allie:  "Can you be the president and work at Stop & Shop?"

Me:  "No, sweetie, you can't do both at the same time."

Anna:  "But you can be the president of Stop & Shop."

Me:  "That is true."

On spines:

Emily:  "I feel a ball at the back of my neck.  What is this?"

Me:  "That's part of your spine, sweetie."

Emily:  "My spine?  I thought that was something Anna had."

Me:  "Emily.  Everyone has a spine.  You know that.  Anna's spine didn't close all the way, which is why she has spina bifida."

Emily:  "Oh.  Maybe I have a bulging disc."

Me:  "I think you've been spending too much time with Grammy."

Emily:  (hysterical laughter)

On High School Musical:

Allie:  "Eeeew.  A sweaty boy."

A little later. . .

Me:  "Allie, is that the kind of movie you want to act in when you are older."

Allie:  "Yes."

Emily:  "You'd have to kiss a boy, ya know."

Allie:  "That's okay."

Me:  "Ahhhhhhhh."

On boys:

Allie:  "Emily has a crush on C."

Emily:  "So what.  He's cute."

Me:  "Which one is C?"

Allie:  "At the beginning of the year, he had like a mohawk thing and lightning bolts on the sides of his head."

Rich:  (best facial expression ever)


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The last one is too funny!

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LOL!!! I love when you do these posts. :)

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ahhhahahahhaha!!! They are hilarious!!!