Friday, December 26, 2014

Just some typical stuff

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season.  I'm at home from work now until the new year.  I should note that "home from work" is defined as checking email on my BlackBerry and keeping my fingers crossed that nothing important pops up.  Before I recap Christmas, I wanted to post some conversations and photos from this past week or so.

Rich picked me up from the train station and we arrived home before Grammy and the girls from ballet.  I was upstairs changing clothes and this is what I heard:

(door banging shut)

Anna:  "Hello, people!  Are you home?"

(pat pat pat of small feet on hardwood)

Rich:  "BOO"

Anna:  (screaming) "AAHHHHHHHH"

Rich:  "We need to check on that thing tonight."

Me:  "What thing?"

Rich:  (a head tilt and wide eyes) "Shhh."

Me:  "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Allie:  "Settle down.  Settle down.  No fighting.  You're a couple.  Now say, 'I'm sorry, honey.' And you say it too. 'I'm sorry, honey.'"

The subject of braces and such came up after I realized that Anna's two new bottom teeth are coming in crooked and may stay that way because her mouth is crowded.

Anna:  "Headgear?  What's that?"

Me:  "It's this metal thing attached to your braces and it goes around your head. . ."

Anna:  "Oh, no!  You just tell them that we don't have the money for anything like that."

(Note that head gear has not been mentioned as an option by her dentist.)

Rich and I happened to tuck Allie into bed at the same time.  I had her scoot in so that she was in the middle of the bed and I was on one side and Rich was on the other.

Me:  "Hey, look at this.  This is what it would be like if you were an only child."

Allie:  "Being an only child must be nice."

Rich:  "No.  You wouldn't have anyone to play with."

Allie:  "But you would just buy me a puppy."

Speaking of teeth and Anna, she lost her second bottom tooth with a bit of drama.  It popped out while she was eating dinner and Grammy found it on her chair.  She originally thought it had been consumed.


A fancy hairstyle. . .


And a baby chick who snuck into our bed. . .



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Hannah B said...

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Sarah said...

Thanks, Hannah. I'll have to check that out. That's a great deal!