Friday, November 28, 2014

Giving thanks

The other day, I was thinking of how I could be living another life right now if I had made different decisions along the way.  I don't believe that everything happens for a reason but I do believe that life sometimes just happens. Other times, life follows a certain path based upon our decisions.  For example, if my former co-worker/friend hadn't convinced me to take a job with her at Small Financial Institution, I most likely never would have met Rich.

I'm thankful for the here and now and all that I have today.


We had a nice, laid back Thanksgiving.  Rich ran the 5 mile turkey race that I ran last year.  He wasn't able to train for it, like I wasn't able to train for it last year, but he ran it 8 - 9 minutes faster than I did.  (He'll always run everything faster than I can.) The girls and I woke up early and went with him for support and to spectate.  We had some lousy weather - rain, ice, snow - the day before but it had all moved out overnight and while it was still cold (in the 30s) there was zero wind.

The race was early so afterwards, we spent a few lazy hours at the house watching the parade on television before heading to my parents' house for the afternoon and a turkey dinner.  My favorite foods?  Definitely stuffing and pumpkin pie.









Hope you all had a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Too fabulous! Your darling tablecloth was the skirt of the dress gtamma made for our little turkey this year!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Alayna Simmons said...

I love reading your blog and I absolutely adore your photos. You have a beautiful family!