Sunday, November 9, 2014

{Disney} Day 5 - Epcot, morning

The girls slept in, waking up around 8:00.  We ate breakfast in the room using some of the items we had purchased at the store at the Contemporary a few nights earlier and also some items from Captain Cook's (for the grumpy, picky people.)  I did require a diet coke for my caffeine.  That set us back $2.99 at good ole Captain Cook's, which we took to calling Captain Hook's.  We were overjoyed to see that the world looked like this


that morning.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Could we possibly have a day without any rain at all?


This is what sunny Florida (or Hawaii or Hawaii in Florida) should look like to me.


Our first FP+ window for the day was Soarin' at 9:55-10:55.  We arrived a few minutes before 10:00.  Talk about perfect timing.  We all enjoy Soarin' and make a point to ride it each trip.  Next we did Living with the Land, which is a ride but is more educational than "ride."  The girls tolerated it.  Because we were there and we had some time to kill, we watched the Circle of Life movie.  Again, the girls watched it, some with more enthusiasm than others.  Learning isn't always fun.

Our next FP+ window was from 11:10-12:10 at the Character Meeting Spot.  While I was happy to see that they now had fast passes for this meet and greet, I was kind of bummed to see that two characters had been cut from the line up.  At least the character interaction was excellent and the cast members were all friendly.







Our lunch ADR at Akershus was at 11:55.  We arrived a few minutes early and had to wait outside.  This was the last week that the ride Maelstrom in Norway would be running before conversion into a Frozen themed ride.  We rode this during one of our 2012 trips and the girls had had a meh attitude towards it.  They asked to ride it again and I would have except that it constantly had a 40+ minute wait and I had to convince them that it wasn't worth waiting for.  It normally doesn't have a wait time of more than 10 minutes but I supposed folks wanted to ride it before it was shuttered.  Farewell, Maelstrom.


New complaint regarding the weather:  It feels like we're on the face of the sun.

Up next:  A princess luncheon at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

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