Sunday, October 19, 2014

{Disney} Day 2 - 'Ohana Breakfast

'Ohana is a table service restaurant located at Disney's Polynesian Resort.  Breakfast is a character meal with the food served family style, all you can eat.  This means that a platter of food are brought to your table and replenished as necessary. Booking a meal here seemed like a no-brainer seeing as we were staying at the Polynesian and the girls love character meals.  The popularity of this restaurant was evident when I tried to make my ADR.  The only time I could find was 7:50 in the morning.  I searched other days and there was no availability.  I had considered a dinner ADR but couldn't find one.

We arrived to check in right on time and had to wait approximately 10 minutes to be seated.  Rich had run back to the room to grab the forgotten video camera and I was afraid that they wouldn't seat us without him there, as this is the case with some other (Disney) restaurants.  We were seated without issue at a table in the far right corner, against the windows.  Other reviews that I had read prior to our trip stated that (fake) leis were handed out prior to being seated.  That turns out to not be the case any longer.  We were given (fake) leis when we checked into the resort and Allie and Emily had worn theirs to breakfast.  One of them pointed out that no one else in the restaurant was wearing one.


The character line up includes Lilo, Stitch and "friends."  Their friends on this day were Mickey and Pluto.



When Lilo spotted herself on the girls' tops, she pointed and jumped up and down.  She was also very excited to see her own page in the girls' autograph books.  (Grammy had made the girls customized autograph books through Snapfish.  Unfortunately, while they looked awesome, the binding fell apart after a few days.)  




Stitch was very entertaining, especially when he spotted his page in their autograph books.


Breakfast starts off with breads (pineapple, cinnamon raison, etc), fruity juice (guava blended with some other fruits, it was delicious) and a beverage of your choice.  My choice was diet coke.  The platter contained scrambled eggs, potatoes, sausage, bacon and biscuits. The Mickey waffles were brought out after and added to the platter.  Maybe to keep them from getting soggy.  They tasted fresh.


  • Fun characters 
  • We were not rushed at all when the characters were at our table
  • Food served quickly, good service
  • Yummy
  • Well, there's only one negative and it's really not a biggie.  The restaurant itself was really dark.  We were sitting in the corner with windows on two sides of us and I still needed to use my Speedlight.  

Our server pointed out our wonderful view.  Of the construction.  If we should like to look at that sort of thing.  (Her words, not mine.)


The photo looks blurry due to the condensation on the window.  

After breakfast, we detoured on our way back to our rooms to take some photos.  




Can you see the castle in the distance?


Yes, Anna did have a tropical skirt (and headband) but she decided to wear shorts instead.  I don't argue.  She's so cute, it doesn't matter what she wears.  

A special thanks to Grammy for the skirts and headbands!


Cynthia said...

I love the last picture of Anna! She looks so grown up!

I see each girl has a different color Magic Band; did they choose these beforehand? Anyone regret their choice and want to switch (although I suppose it doesn't really matter for them--coding wise--who is wearing which one?)

Sarah said...

They did choose their own colors prior to the trip and there were no regrets :)