Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More from the Cape

Whenever we're in the Hyannis area, we make it a point to eat at Baxter's.  Growing up, it wasn't very often that my family ate out so I always remember dinner there after a day at the beach.  Plus, I think the food's pretty tasty.




(Rich's lobsta roll.  I had the kid size serving of fish and chips.  Plus some of Rich's lobster.)

After lunch, we headed down toward the beaches past the harbor hoping to explore a new location.  Unfortunately, parking was $20 and since we only wanted to spend an hour or so there, we opted out.  On the harbor tour, one of the last "free" beaches had been pointed out to us.  It's free because there's no cost to park there or use the beach.

See those people to the right?


That's the beach.  It's tiny.  The area right in front there is a private beach, presumably for those houses behind the beach.  That's actually West Yarmouth.  Anyway, we were able to find a parking spot and hang out there for about an hour on the beach.  I was surprised to see people just parked, sitting in their cars watching the harbor traffic.  How easy it is to forget that there are people who have time to relax.  Despite its size, the beach was okay, except for the broken glass we found.  Emily, my little explorer, is still learning the difference between sea glass and broken glass and it's a bit unnerving when she holds up a piece of broken glass and asks, "Is this sea glass, Mama?"    






I call that one "Little Kid, Big Boat."





Thanks to the new (newish?) traffic time signs and my iPhone, we were able to avoid probably an hour's worth of traffic.  I am a smart phone believer now.

We hope to return for at least one more day trip this summer.  Corporation Beach and Coast Guard Beach (new beaches to us) are on our to-do list.

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Anonymous said...

Coast Guard Beach was one of my favorites for the time I spent on the Cape in High School and college! Granted its been a few years, but hope you enjoy it!

Yetunde U said...

This pictures are getting me giddy with excitement. Next week, I'm going to the beach for the first time in 5 years and also first time with my twins. So much to look forward to.

Not familiar with "sea glass". I don't think it's something we had in Nigerian beaches

Jennifer said...

Love Coast Guard beach!!!

Anonymous said...

Where do you get Anna's latex free swim suits from?

Sarah said...

Yetunde - Have fun at the beach! Sea glass is broken glass that has been beaten smooth from spending a long time in the sea water.

Anon - Anna wears regular bathing suits. That one is from Gymboree. She's never shown signs of latex allergy/sensitivity so by this age, they consider her not to be allergic.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just remember when she was younger that she had to have the latex free pony holders and you said that the latex in her swimsuits caused a rash. Glad to hear she's not allergic, my kids are and it's horrible.

Sarah said...

I don't remember the latex free pony holders but we used to buy latex free stuff if we saw it b/c we didn't know. She did have a rash one time from a certain bathing suit but I think it was a heat rash or something with that bathing suit. All 3 of them have sensitive skin. Sorry to hear your kids have an allergy to it. I didn't realize how many items contain latex until Anna was born.

Leslie said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm dying to try a lobster roll - with a lobster that was caught fresh, not shipped and frozen like we get where I live.