Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Behind the scenes

The latest thing for the girls is intentional photo bombing.  So here's what was really going on as I was taking photos of Allie in her Eeyore dress.


Yup, one of them is wearing pajamas.  We love pajamas here.


Thankfully, they didn't realize that tag teaming would have been more effective so I simply waited for them to run out of the frame and then took the picture.

Can you believe that some of the leaves here have started to turn?  NOOOO.  It's much to early for fall.  We've had a cool summer - especially at night.  Unfortunately, it's been pretty dry so the lawn is fried.  The pool water is much too chilly for me and there really hasn't been "beach" weather.  I'm going to be so sad when this non-summer ends as I was so looking forward to heat.

I've made decent progress on the girls' Frozen outfits but I have a short list of supplies I need in order to finish Emily's.  Have no idea when I'm going to get to the store though.  So I've been feeling blah and sluggish and TIRED for the past 3, 4, maybe 5 days and have only accomplished the bare minimum to get by in life. . .

I'm going to end this mini-post with a bit of a PSA.  I'm in the world of tax almost everyday and I didn't know about this latest IRS scam until it touched me.  Many others submerged in the world of tax with me didn't know about it either.  I usually don't read these warnings because I like to believe that I would never fall for something like this.  And I wouldn't.  But I know people you might or who would waste time with it.  So please read and if you have older relatives or friends, make sure they know about it.  They appear to be targeting the 70+ crowd right now.    


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Sarah G said...

Oh Sarah. I am obsessed with the Eeyore dress. Nicely done!

I can quilt in a straight line, not make apparel.