Monday, June 16, 2014


When you have three babies, there's this misconception that you'll have more time when they're older.  I can certainly say that there isn't more time.  Well, maybe there is but not in the way one would think.  I spent most of the day Saturday cleaning and running loads of laundry since I knew I wouldn't be home Sunday to take care of it.  Laundry around here can easily take over if it's not knocked down on the weekend.  We had a pollen attack a few weekends ago and now everything is coated in it, even inside the house.  Anna's been all stuffed up and rubbing her eyes.  Poor kiddo.  At least it rained a few days ago and washed a lot of it away but it's still around.

We recently discovered this little frog, who looks gigantic through the macro lens, living under the umbrella stand on our deck.


Look at the freaking pollen.  Rich had just swept the deck off earlier in the day too.  Ack!


Lots of upcoming posts planned.  (Planning and executing are two different stories.)  I have a ton of photos to go through but not much time right now.  Work will be a bear until the end of the month and then I can breathe.  Here are some upcoming posts:

  • Dance recital weekend (Dance Moms)
  • Gymnastics show recap
  • Team Mini (The girls and I attempt a 5K walk with some running and some mishaps)
  • First beach day of the season
  • Sewing projects

I'm so happy I was able to be part of the audience for Emily's class play.  One of the songs went like this:  Ga-lump went the little green frog one day.  Ga-lump went the little green frog.  Ga-lump went the little green frog one day.  And his eyes went ga-lump.  


So, yeah, that's what I've been singing now.  I can't get it out of my head.

Random:  Emily and Allie both have Sharky II coming in next to Sharky I.  Anna's still got nothing.

Not so random:  The girls were still sleeping when I left for work this morning.  They were most definitely asleep when I arrived home so I didn't really get to see them unless checking on them sleeping counts.  Boo.  


Anonymous said...

WOW - I can't believe that pollen - I have never seen that before! I agree - we think with multiples that it will get easier when they are older but each age comes with it's own set of challenges I have found. That is one of the cutest green frogs I have ever seen (not the one on the deck with pollen - ha ha)


thehummingcat said...

But we all know frogs go
ladedadeda, ladedadeda, ladedadeda. We all know frogs go ladedadeda they dont go galumph galumph galumph ;-)