Monday, May 12, 2014

Through their eyes

In addition to Mother's Day, we also celebrated Rich's birthday this weekend.  Our "celebration" consisted of heading down the street to the local breakfast joint Saturday morning.  No need for fancy stuff here.  The girls still like to make presents for me and I love what they come up with.  They were so excited to give these (and some paintings) to me that they couldn't even wait until Sunday.  Allie and Emily brought home from school quite a few Mother's Day projects.  Anna's class, not so much.  I've learned that class projects are all different and vary by teacher and how much time they have.




This is very true and said about more than one room.


I'm glad someone thinks so!


Wendy said...

"this is a mess" aaaaahahahah!! The same thing could be said at our house!

Michelle - NZ said...

Too cute!

Katie said...

Love it! I used to be a teacher and one year we skipped doing Mother's Day gifts because two students in my class had recently lost their moms to cancer.