Thursday, May 1, 2014

{TCI} Day 3 - Good morning!

Now here was the stereotypical Caribbean day I'd been craving for months and months.  We pulled open the curtains and pushed the patio doors open to sunshine, warmth and brilliance.  Due to our grocery run the day before, breakfast was on the patio.


During the trip planning process, I had mentioned to Rich that maybe we should pack our running gear, just in case we felt inclined to go for a run.  I was imagining us running side by side along the beach, taking in the beautiful scenery.  Running together is something we used to do quite often before kids.  It's a rarity now.  I hadn't counted on a broken toe or a never-ending cold though, so Rich was the one who went for a run that morning while I read on the patio.  I loved that patio.  There was a television in the room and I can't even tell you if it worked or not because we never even turned it on.

The rest of the morning was spent on the beach.




I was standing at the shoreline taking a picture of the parasailing when I heard someone behind me say that he'd take me up for $75.  Say what?  I just wanted to take a picture of it, not participate in it.  Rich has parasailed before so he talked to the guy.  Some may say that I'm boring but I like to think that I don't have a death wish.  Jaws could be swimming around there, you know.

Hemingway's (the resort restaurant) was given another chance at lunchtime.



The conch fritters were pretty good and would have received a much higher rating if there hadn't been some tough pieces.  The one positive that we noted and other family members commented on as well was the sharing of meals.  For example, when we order the chicken sandwich, we told the waitress that we were going to share it, with the expectation that she would simply bring us an extra plate.  They actually split the meal for us and they didn't skimp on the fries.  That was the jerk chicken, which was tasty.  The sandwich was dry though and the only options were packets of mayo or mustard that were sitting in a container on the table.  Eh.  I should note that dry sandwiches are a bit of a pet peeve of mine.  We both ended up using some of the sauce that came with the fritters.


The view from our table was nice.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon parked on a beach chair in the powder-like sand.  Normally when I go on vacation, I like to do stuff.  Take Hawaii (honeymoon), for example.  Rich and I designated every other day as an "adventure" day.  It gave us a nice mix of relaxation and activity.  That was before triplets though when we actually had energy.  Turks & Caicos was my designated do nothing vacation.  If we had been there for more than three full days, we most likely would have wandered more than we did.  I was still feeling blah from being sick and I really need some rest.



Those are views from my beach chair and here are some pictures from around the resort.





The youngest wedding guest.  There are so many babies in our family that she's not even the girls' youngest cousin.


That evening, there was a welcome reception for the wedding guests next to one of the pools.  We snacked on appetizers for dinner and I must say that the bruschetta was quite tasty.  And that ended another day in paradise..





Sadia said...

All of this sounds divine (minus cold and sad toe). You've earned it!

ali said...

I feel relaxed just looking at those pictures!!