Saturday, May 17, 2014

Morning photo series

99% of the time, the girls are awake prior to my hasty departure for the train in the morning.  Rich and I dance the dance of two adults sharing a narrow bathroom.  There's no leisurely time for us but for the girls, yes.  They have plenty of time in which to get ready for school.  Inevitably, at least one of them ends up in our room.  Sometimes she's there from the night before still sleeping.  (Ahem, Emily.)

I often think of photo projects but don't have the time (or sometimes the energy) to complete them.  I found myself with a few spare moments during the morning rush these past few weeks and I was able to capture some of what I was envisioning.  




So yes, I've only accumulated three photos for my "series."  Gotta start somewhere...

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Katie said...

I love the last one!